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How to work of Deep Fryer With Filter


Oil filter can extend the use time of frying oil to save production costs

 Deep Fryer With Filter

For example:
① Unit price of frying oil 8$/kg,Fryer have 500kgoil volume,running 7days,The unit price of used oil is 3$/kg,working 12h /day. Then it can be calculated like this:(8-3)x500÷7=357.14
②use OF-60A Five-stage oil filter extended by 7 days,Change the consumables each day, that is, use them for 14 days(12 hours/day.)
        Then it can be calculated like this:(8-3)x500÷14+(35+27+13.2)=253.77
③   So deep fryer with filter is save cost for sale per day(357.14-253.77=103.37)。

industrial fryer with oil filter process

The oil filter processin frier manufactory as follow:

1. When enough frying oil is stored in the oil storage tank to start production, the oil will flow into the fryer along the pipeline to heat up

2. The oil in the fryer will turn black after being used for a period of time

3. Start the vacuum oil filter, the oil of the fryer will flow into the coarse filter box,

First filter out the large particles of food residues, and reach the oil filter,

Under the action of filter paper and filter agent, the quality of the oil is improved, and then it flows back into the industrial fryer.

After use Deep Fryer With Filter you can see oil change as follow;

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