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How Potato Sticks are made from extruders?


The production process of fresh potato chips is completely different from potato sticks. Fresh potato chips are directly sliced and cut into slices for frying, Potato sticks is use potato starch as raw materials, and potato sticks use single screw extruder process to make the pellet, and then frying the potato pellet to puffing. Then use the seasoning machine for surface spray seasoning.

potato sticks making machine   

Therefore, potato sticks belong to indirect puffed food: also known as secondary puffed food, which refers to food produced by indirect puffing method. Generally, the single screw or twin screw extrusion machine is used to produce food pellets and then go to next food manufacturing process , which is called the third generation of extruded food. Starch puffed food classified by raw materials: puffed food produced from raw materials such as potatoes, corn, rice, wheat, etc. The pellet production cost of the single screw pellet making machine should be about USD 10,000. The single screw extrusion is mainly used to produce secondary puffed food pellet, which is more suitable for factory production. If you make it yourself, you can't achieve high temperature and high pressure starch alpha, so the home production process is too complicated to make it.

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