High Quality Continuous Microwave Sterilization Machine For Dehydrated Fruits And Vegetables

Microwave vegetable drying machine is a professional equipment works by the microwave heating principle to dry the fresh or seasonal vegetables into dry foods. Many kinds of vegetables especially root vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, peas, potato, etc. can be dried and sterilized by this microwave vegetable drying machine. These vegetable should be sliced before drying. The vegetables after drying have more vivid color and good quality.

Place of Origin Shandong China
Brand Name Loyal
Certification CE,ISO9001,SGS,BV
Model Number Continuous Microwave Sterilization Machine For Dehydrated Fruits And Vegetables
Min.Order Quantity 1 sets Microwave Sterilization Machine For Dehydrated Fruits And Vegetables

Product Details

High Quality Continuous Microwave Sterilization Machine For Dehydrated Fruits And Vegetables is more and more popular nowadays. Microwave vegetable drying machine is professional equipment on microwave sterilization process. Microwave energy is converted into direct effects on heat. Microwave has penetrating performance inside and outside the media heating at the same time. Microwave can sterilize and kill insects at a lower temperature, and can process powder, flake, granular food, agricultural products, medicines, etc. It is the first choice for the processing of agricultural and sideline products.
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Phone +86 13256674591
Fax +86 13256674591
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