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Do You Know The Reason And Solution For The Slippage Of The Extruder Belt


With the continuous development and progress of society, the use of extruders is increasing. The belt slippage occurs during the operation of the extruder, which is actually a normal phenomenon. Let me explain to you the reasons and solutions for the belt slippage of the twin screw extruder:

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The driving belt of the double screw extrusion is too loose, causing slipping.


The load of the twin screw extruder machine is too large (large feed volume, small steam supply volume, poor discharge of cone die, etc.).


puffing extrusion making machine

Approach of the puffing extrusion machine:

1. If the slippage is caused by the loose belt, stop the twin screw extruder machine, lock the motor breakpoint and contact the machine repairer to tighten the belt.

2. If the load is too large and the belt slips. If the belt slips severely, first exit the cone die, close the steam valve, reduce the feed volume of the double screw extruder machine, and adjust the feed volume when the current of the twin screw extrusion drops to the normal current. When entering the mold, pay attention to the change of the motor current of the extruder. After the injection is normal, slowly increase the feed volume and steam volume until the extruder is fully loaded. If the belt slips slightly, adjust the amount of steam or feed. Generally adjust the amount of steam.

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