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Development Prospect And Nutritional Value Of Breakfast Cereal Production Line


Breakfast cereals are processed into flakes by full automatic breakfast cereal making machine with cereals, corn, black rice, buckwheat, red dates, rice, wheat, and oats as the main raw materials. Add milk (cold food) or cook for a while (hot food) and you can eat it.

corn flakes machineBreakfast cereal production line:

Powder mixer → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → vibration cooler → air conveyor I → tablet press → air conveyor II → pre-dryer → hoist → vibration feeder → baking machine → air conveyor Machine 3 → sugar spray machine → oven → cooler

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Breakfast cereal market outlook:

Breakfast cereals have a long history in most developed countries (such as Europe and the United States). They developed their own unique cereal breakfast food based on the characteristics of raw materials and people's eating habits in different countries.

According to reports, the world’s annual output of breakfast cereals reached 3.2 million tons, with sales of $16.6 billion. Functional breakfast cereals have developed greatly in various countries, and occupy a high market position in the United States, the United Kingdom and other European and American countries. In our country, only a few white-collar workers are familiar with cereal breakfast. However, with the development of the economy, the improvement of living standards, the acceleration of the pace of life, the improvement of medical and health awareness and the popularization of household microwave ovens, the prospects for the breakfast cereal market are expected to be very broad.

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The characteristics of breakfast cereals which produced by industrial breakfast cereal processing line are:

(1) Good for health. The raw materials of breakfast cereals include various coarse grains, which are rich in dietary fiber and have a certain health effect on the body.

(2) Balanced nutrition. A variety of cereals are mixed with milk to provide balanced nutrition.

(3) Natural quality. This kind of food is basically natural raw materials, usually without artificial additives.

(4) Easy to eat. Cereal breakfast is easy to eat whether it is instant or fast food.


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