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Bread Crumbs Production Line----british Customers Visit


Bread crumbs are mainly used as a deep-fried seasoning for steaks and chicken legs. The elongated strip-shaped bread crumbs have a porous structure inside. After frying, the crumbs will straighten up little by little. They are not only puffed and beautiful but also crisp and delicious. The Bread Crumbs Production Line is specially designed and developed according to market demand. The entire production line can be completed from raw materials, extrusion, drying to finished products automatically.

Bread crumb making equipment

Our company is a high-tech enterprise integrating science, industry, and trade. It is committed to the development, development, production, and sales of puffed snack food equipment, tissue protein equipment, macaroni equipment, corn flake production line, pet food machinery, and other equipment. At present, our machine has been sold to various regions. A few days ago, several customers in the UK contacted us. They wanted to buy several Bread crumb makers, so they wanted to know about our equipment. We gave them a detailed introduction.

Advantages of Bread Crumbs Production Line:

1. The screw is made of alloy steel and is nitrided by a unique process. The HRC hardness is about 60 --- 62. It has a good self-cleaning ability. There is no need to discharge or clean the barrel and screws when baking.
2. Bread crumb processing line extrusion barrel is made of carbon steel, #45 steel, stainless steel coating.
3. The gearbox of Bread crumb production equipment has automatic lubrication function, which can extend gears' life.
4. The cutting knife of Bread crumb making equipment is fixed on the die head seat, and the rotary cutting is driven by the V-belt.
5. SIEMENS (CHINA) brand electronic parts are used in the controller box to ensure the complete extrusion process.
6. The main motor of Siemens (CHINA) ensures its strong extrusion performance and excellent performance.

Sample bread crumbs

Our Bread Crumbs Production Line is designed according to advanced extrusion technology, and its quality and operation have reached the advanced domestic level. This production line changes the traditional production process of bread crumbs. This is a fully automatic production line, including mixing, extrusion, cutting, crushing, and drying. Bread crumbs are widely used in food supplements and for the surface coating of fried foods, such as fried chicken, fish, seafood and onion rings. Its taste is crisp, soft, delicious, and nutritious.

Equipment list of Bread Crumbs Production Line:

mixer → screw conveyor → twin screw extruder → multi-function molding machine → elevator → crusher → air conveyor → seven-layer dryer → container → vacuum conveyor → screening machine

British customers are visiting

After the British customers arrived, we went to the factory to visit the equipment together. They had a keen interest in our Bread Crumbs Production Line. We did experiments here and were very satisfied with the results. At the same time, they also learned about other equipment in the factory. Our company's professional and technical personnel gave detailed answers to the questions raised by them, eliminating their concerns, and they can purchase with confidence.

After visiting the equipment of the factory, we returned to the company for a detailed discussion. Eventually, they decided to buy three of our Bread crumb extruder. We gave them the most significant discount and also guaranteed that we would arrange delivery within 24 hours. And, you can only pay the deposit first, and pay the full amount on delivery. They also agree with this. This is another enjoyable cooperation!

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