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Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine Has Many Advantages


Popcorn is a kind of non fried food, which is nutritious, healthy, crispy and delicious, and has a variety of tastes. It is loved by people of all walks of life. In order to meet the needs of consumers, Leader Microwave Equipment Company has developed a Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine that can directly extrude popcorn with corn kernels, and then transfer out Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machines with different tastes, which brings convenience to food processing plants and becomes a competing product.

Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine

Their popcorn equipment is not only suitable for making sweet and delicious popcorn, but also can be used for heating, mixing and mixing the food of caramel, bean paste, sweet potato, lotus seed, chocolate, curry and other conditioning food. It can also be used for stir frying of hot pot bottom materials and mixing and heating of various sauces. This is a multi-functional and efficient food equipment that integrates mixing, dispersion and mixing. If you buy this equipment, you can make a variety of raw materials to provide more convenience for you.

Advantages of Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine:

1. The newly designed large capacity Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine can meet the needs of different tastes
2. Automatic operation with button, high degree of automation, improve work efficiency.
3. It can produce 75 kg popcorn per hour on average, with high productivity.
4. All materials are made of 304 stainless steel, durable and environmentally friendly.
5. Various mixing speeds can be controlled during the processing of caramel popcorn.
6. The specially designed scraper completely contacts the inner surface of the bowl to avoid burning.
7. The mixing arm can be lifted automatically, and the bowl can be tilted 90 degrees automatically, so that the popcorn can be discharged completely.
8. The system includes separation, fan cooling, molding, screening, etc.
9. Powerful fan helps to cool in a short time, and package after full cooling.
10. Durable motor can work continuously and operate safely and efficiently.

In terms of appearance and performance, this popcorn making machine is unique and much better than other models. Each procedure has been strictly checked to ensure the reliability of quality. In addition, in terms of price, it's also very reasonable. Maybe it's not the cheapest, but the quality of it can definitely match the price, so you don't need to worry about the price, you can buy and use it at ease.


Working process of Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine:

Mixing system --- Extrusion system --- Baking system --- Seasoning system --- Packaging system

Equipment list of Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine:

Mixers ---- Screw conveyors ---- Twin screw extrusion machine ---- Air conveyors ---- Three layers of desiccator ---- Pneumatic conveying ---- Oil spray ---- Seasoning roller ---- Cooling conveyor.

This Automatic Large Popcorn Making Machine has a novel design and can produce popcorn of various flavors. Once the product is sold, it will be supported and trusted by new and old customers. With its unique advantages, it is very popular in the food industry. It is not only popular in China, but also deeply praised by customers all over the world. It plays an important role in the development of food industry with food machinery such as food manufacturing machine, soybean protein machine, artificial rice making machine, etc.

If you are a food manufacturer, if you also need such food production equipment, do not have to tangle, do not hesitate, this is your best choice. A good product can stand the grinding of time. It will produce the food you are satisfied with. It will bring you ideal economic benefits. What's the effect? You will know once you use it. Use it early and benefit early. Act quickly!

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