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Automatic Protein Production Line Helps Protein Development


With the continuous improvement of people's living standards. The demand for and consumption of proteins such as meat and dairy products will increase. And protein will increase the burden on the environment. For this reason, tissue protein food has appeared. The tissue protein is mainly processed from pure plant ingredients such as beans and wheat. It can be said that the tissue protein is very fleshy to eat. Tissue protein can not only meet the market demand for protein, but also reduce the burden on the environment to a certain extent. And it has attracted people's attention. We know that beans, wheat and other plants contain a lot of protein. "Vegetarian meat" based on dried tofu, vegetarian chicken, gluten, etc., has been ubiquitous in life. And it has achieved standardization, industrialization, and scale. Some processing aids are added to the vegetable protein to achieve "organization" through high temperature extrusion. The vegetable protein treated in this way has a fibrous fine structure, which is very similar to meat in terms of taste.

protein making production line


Compared with traditional meat, protein artificial meat made by textured soy protein machine has obvious advantages. From a nutritional point of view, using soybeans, wheat and other grains as raw materials for "artificial meat", the nutritional content is not much worse than the protein of meat . Therefore, from a nutritional point of view, eating tissue protein can still supplement protein to a certain extent.

protein making production line


The tissue protein making production line produced by our company is developed based on years of experience in extrusion equipment production and combined with advanced equipment at home and abroad. The soya bari manufacturing production line uses defatted soybean meal and peanut meal as the main raw materials. And soya bari manufacturing process are stirred, squeezed and sheared to form a layered fibrous structure. The product has high protein content, has a meaty state and taste, and has the characteristics of oil absorption, water absorption and taste absorption. Cholesterol and animal fat. It can be widely used in meat products, fast food, quick-frozen food. And it can also be made into various vegetarian snack foods and vegetarian dishes.

protein making production line

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