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What Is The Fully Automatic Macaroni Production Line?


The automatic spaghetti procession line consists of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, driving system and control system. Adopt advanced screw extrusion and extrusion technology, use high temperature and high pressure to mature the material and extruded molding, one-time completion. The main engine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the stability of production process. Product design and color, variety, beautiful appearance, natural realistic, exquisite texture, widely used raw materials.

Fully Automatic Macaroni Procession Line


Macaroni equipment parameters



Installed power


Actual power


Production capacity

100-120kg /h




Black faces are visually appealing. They use ink from cuttlefish. And all the color comes from natural food, not pigment. In general, pasta sauces can be divided into red and white sauces. Red sauce is a red sauce based on tomatoes, while white sauce is a white sauce based on flour, milk and cream. In addition, there should be noodles flavored with olive oil and a vanilla sauce mixed with herbs. These sauces should also be paired with seafood, beef and vegetables, or simply paired with spices, which can be changed into a variety of flavors. Macaroni is one of the staple foods in western countries. It is also a kind of pasta. While macaroni is common in our daily lives, many of us know so little about this hardlooking food that it collapses when cooked that we have no idea what it's made of. If you want to know more about macaroni, you should read it carefully. Macaroni is also known as macaroni. Since it is used as a pasta, it is more likely to be a starchy food.

Fully Automatic Macaroni Production Line


Add the scallions and ginger. Heat the wok, add a little more oil, stir-fry the minced meat until it's ripe, then add the tomato sauce, stir-fry until the tomato sauce is a deep red, then stir-fry the wok, pour it over the macaroni, stir well. Or put it in a pot and eat as much of it as you want. After you eat it, it will leave you with a lasting aftertaste. In the 18th century, Maccaroni, a noodle and noodle owner near Naples, Italy, played with his young daughter as he rolled his noodles into hollow strips and hung them on a washing line. Macaroni boiled the hollow bars and mixed them together with the tomato sauce. Later, he built the same macaroni factory in the world and named it after himself. Macaroni is an international noodle product that can be said to be imported, digested and absorbed from Italy in our country. We used to translate it occasionally as "macaroni." To be honest, it is also a kind of noodle made of flour.

Fully Automatic Macaroni Production Line


Most pasta is served with eggs. Switzerland adds 3 fresh eggs per kilogram of flour. In Italy and other countries, eggs are rarely added. Ketchup, vegetable powder, milk and gluten are also added to special products. The amount of water added depends on the type of ingredients. The single-screw extruder should also produce macaroni, which can be replaced by a special mold to produce a delicious pasta product. This is a new product for major food manufacturers to explore the market, the market demand is large, the market is sought after by customers. Welcome each big seller to come to visit, negotiate order, expand the market. Macaroni has been snapped up by customers in foreign markets. Corn flour and rice flour are shaped like vermicelli. After the product is mature, it can be simply soaked for direct use, or fried, fried, hollow flour machinery with corn starch and corn flour as the main raw materials, using a unique extrusion molding process, to achieve the shape of the sensory effect of the product. The product shape is natural and vivid, the texture is exquisite, the taste is loose.

Fully Automatic Macaroni Making Production Line

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