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What Is The Advanced Level Of Artificial Rice And The Production Process Of Artificial Rice?


Rice is an indispensable staple food in our family. Have you heard of artificial rice? Follow in the footsteps of Shandong Loyal Industrial co., Ltd. to find out! Artificial rice, also known as puffed rice, extruded rice, is a convenient processing of rice flour, corn flour, wheat flour, five-grain flour and other powdered foods through the process of mixing, puffing, extrusion, molding, and drying. Rice, corn rice, wheat rice, and nutritious rice are equivalent to natural rice and similar to artificial rice, and can be processed into nutritious rice by formulating mixed powder with various nutrients added. The output of this man-made rice processing machine can be up to 400kg when the rice is produced by a single machine. It is suitable for the large demand of instant rice, self-heating rice and other convenience foods, and also suitable for customized processing and production for people with special needs.

Instant rice has always been the dream of the technology industry. In the past, ready-to-eat rice suffered from logistics costs and shelf life, while rehydrated rice had problems such as poor taste and weak aroma. At present, Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. has undergone repeated debugging, research and development, and produced instant rice. The softness and taste are close to that of freshly cooked rice. Combined with the expansion coefficient of the material during the extrusion process, the mold size is designed to ensure the authentic appearance of the rice. With the fast-cooking rice pre-cooking technology, the rice can be rehydrated after 15 minutes of self-heating, and the taste is close to the chewiness of family rice, while extending the shelf life of rice.


Since self-heating food only needs to be soaked in cold water to steam the food, this convenient feature makes it one of the best-selling products under the epidemic, and our company has a unique R&D strength to occupy the instant rice production machinery sales market. Welcomed by consumers.

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