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What Is Corn Fakes Line Technology?


Introduction Of Corn Fakes Making Machine:

Corn flakes making machine is a modern and advanced technology-based machine that is used in the production of corn flakes. The machine is designed to produce high-quality corn flakes that are healthy, nutritious, and delicious to eat. The machine is made of high-grade materials, which ensures its durability and longevity.With its advanced technology, the corn flakes making machine produces corn flakes that are uniform in size and shape, making them perfect for packaging and sale in the market. The machine has a variety of features such as automatic feeding, mixing, and extruding, which makes the entire production process efficient and easy. In summary, the corn flakes making machine is a fantastic investment for anyone interested in commercial corn flakes production.

 The Corn Flakes Production Line Details  



Power Supply

Based on 380V 50 Hz 3 phase. Customized according to your local power.

Machine details

1.Stainless steel,:201, 304, 316, on request
2. Electric parts can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Siemens; Famous brand as your demand.



Raw Material

Wheat flour, corn, rice, oat, etc.

Products Color

White, Yellow

Products type

Core-filled potato chips, Core-filled corn curls,Core-filled wafersInflated snacksetc.

Flow Chart Of Commercial Corn Flakes Processing Line:


The Equipment Using In The Corn Flakes Making Machine:

1 Powder Mixer - 2 Screw Conveyer -3 Twin Screw Extruder -4 Vibration Cooling -5 Air Feed Machine -6 Drum Dryer -7 Air Feed Machine -8 Press Machine -9 Air Feed Machine - 10 Predryer -11 Elevator -12 Vibration Feeding -13 High Temperature Baking -14 Sugar Pan (Optional) -15 Sugar Spraying System -16 Yanshen Oven -17 Cooling Conveyor -18 Packing Machine -19 Box Packing Machine

Feature Of Corn Flakes Machines:

1. Automatic Control System: Corn flakes machines come with an automatic control system that ensures the mixing, extruding, and drying processes are done efficiently.

2.Stainless Steel Body: Corn flakes machines are made of high-quality stainless steel which makes them durable and easy to clean.

3. Energy Efficiency: Corn flakes machines are designed to save energy, which lowers the operating costs.

4. Easy Operation: These machines are easy to operate, and the production process can be done with minimum supervision.

5. Versatile: Corn flakes machines are versatile and can be used to produce other cereal flakes such as rice flakes, wheat flakes, and oat flakes.

Applications Of Corn Flakes Production Line:


Breakfast Cereals

Corn flakes are a popular choice for breakfast cereals. The production line is used to create different types of corn flakes for a variety of tastes and textures.



Corn flakes can be processed into different shapes and sizes to create a range of snack products.



Corn flakes can also be used as ingredients in baked goods, coatings for fried foods, and as a crunchy topping for desserts and other dishes.


Animal Feed

Corn flakes and other cereal flakes can be used as an ingredient in animal feed, providing a source of nutrients for livestock.



Corn flakes are often exported to different countries where they are a popular breakfast option.

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