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What Is An Instant Corn Flakes Processing Machine?


Corn flakes is a new type of fast food that has a long storage time and is easy to carry. It can be eaten directly or processed into other foods that can be mixed with cold milk and yogurt for breakfast.

1. Corn flakes are nutritious

Corn flakes is a highly nutritious food. This food contains protein, carbohydrates, carotene and fat, as well as riboflavin and other nutrients. These nutrients are essential for the normal work of the human body. Therefore, People eating cornmeal can absorb a lot of nutrients and maintain the normal operation of the body.

2. Corn flakes can protect the eyes

Corn flakes have a good protective effect on human eyes. The multi-vitamins and riboflavin in it can be directly absorbed by eye cells, which can protect eyesight.

3. Corn flakes is a low-calorie food. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, which can increase people’s feeling of fullness and reduce the body’s intake of food. In addition, corn flakes can absorb excess oil in the body and reduce fat. Deposition has great benefits for reducing body weight. In addition, regular consumption of cornmeal can also protect the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and improve the human image.

Corn is a good product in coarse grains, which is quite beneficial to human health. The niacin and other components in corn can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, enteritis, and bowel cancer.

Corn flakes is a kind of fragile convenience food with different tastes which is made from corn flour as the main raw material, which is extruded, matured, pelletized, pressed, baked and seasoned. Its outstanding features are: it is rich in complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber, and at the same time it can increase the appropriate amount of trace elements and minerals. Because of its high nutritional value, delicious taste and convenient eating, it is more and more popular by people all over the world.

The R&D and design line uses corn, wheat, oats and other grains as raw materials, steamed and granulated by a twin-screw extruder, and then processed by the process flow of tableting, baking, spraying, etc., to produce original, sweet, salty and crisp instant food corn flake. This manufacturing line solves the problems of low specific yield and molding rate and poor taste of products with existing Chinese production equipment. Scientific production technology can keep the nutrients in the grains intact; the whole assembly line is reasonably matched and the whole process is controllable, allowing you to produce nutritious, delicious and delicious breakfast corn flakes, improving power levels, saving costs, and enhancing product competitiveness . The R&D production line should also produce breakfast cereals of various shapes. Corn flakes, cheese balls, corn balls, corn cobs, wheat circles, animal shapes, etc.

The loose corn kernels sent out by the machine are evenly pressed into thin slices with a roller press here, and the corn flakes can be baked at high temperature in just 1 minute. The corn flakes change from earthy yellow to golden yellow. After baking, it is necessary to increase vitamin B1 and vitamins C and other nutrients, these nutrients will decompose when heated. Of course, manufacturers will attract the market by processing different products with different tastes.

Its shape is granular, flake or animal shape. Its obvious feature is that it is rich in pure compound carbon water molecules and dietary fiber. At the same time, corn flakes can not only fortify a variety of trace elements, such as vitamins and minerals, but also increase cocoa and sugar, such as honey and maltose. It can be mixed with milk, coffee, yogurt or functional drinks and eaten directly. They can also use breakfast cereal as a sweet and crunchy snack. According to the taste, there are light corn flakes, sweet corn flakes and salted corn flakes.

Breakfast corn flakes production line produced by Shandong Loyal has undergone connected production practices, production equipment has continued to grow, automation has become higher and higher, and the manufacturing process has undergone tremendous changes. The raw material has been changed from corn kernels to corn flour, and the cooking method has been changed to the continuous use of twin-screw extruders. Granulation and molding are also realized once in the extruder. Through pre-drying and tablet molding, the product is more uniform.

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