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What Aspects Should Be Paid Attention To When Purchasing Extruder?


Nowadays, puffed food has always been very popular. Many companies and businessmen have seen the profits in it, and they have better participated in it to get a share of the pie. In fact, the puffed food machinery is the same as the food machinery, not only to meet the production conditions of the machinery and equipment, but also to meet the various conditions required for food processing. Judging from the current development phenomenon, the procurement of extrusion machinery may be considered from four aspects.

  1. Scale suitability. The equipment used by puffed food processing enterprises is mainly divided into three types: large, medium and small. According to the national industrial policy and industry development requirements, the development of medium and large-scale production scale should be emphasized, while small-scale production enterprises should be gradually eliminated according to the laws of market economy.


  2. Safety applicability. Safety applicability refers to mechanical safety, production safety and food safety in puffed food processing. The first is mechanical safety. It is the effect caused by the machinery that does not produce harm, reducing the mechanical risk to a lower limit. The second is production safety. Based on the premise of safe production, industrial hygiene, and ensuring the safety and health of employees in production, the safety behaviors of people and the material conditions required for safe production are stipulated in terms of management, production technology, and equipment use. The third is food safety. Dog food production equipment mainly includes food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition and other related aspects.

  3. Applicability of a complete set. In the industrialized food processing of puffed food machinery, most of them are not produced on a single machine, but are assembled into a production line for operation. Therefore, the suitability of the complete set is an important link to ensure continuous operation, balanced production, processing performance and product quality. The complete set principle is to achieve a reasonable economic scale, meet the technological requirements of the process and the reasonable matching between equipment and equipment, so that the production line can be normal Operation, safety and sanitation, energy saving and convenient maintenance ensure the advanced nature, rationality and reliability of the whole machine of the production line.

  4. Sanitary applicability. This is the hygienic requirements for the mechanical structure of the puffed food machinery during the design and manufacturing process, mainly including the structural materials, surface structure, cleanability, durability, and inspectability of the product contact surface and non-product contact surface; for food machinery The key control points of sanitary hazards should be determined for the mechanical structure of the puffed food machine, and measures shall be taken to ensure the sanitary requirements of the mechanical structure.


In food processing, the most important thing is food hygiene, safety and quality. Therefore, when purchasing food puffing extruders, production safety and food safety are the prerequisites. Also for large-scale processing machinery, we must ensure its processing safety and better ensure the personal safety of employees during production operations. Similarly, we must have certain judgments regarding the energy-saving effects of equipment and maintenance requirements. The extruder produced by Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. pays great attention to hygiene quality while ensuring product quality. We will be your best choice.

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