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What Are The Advantages Of Artificial Nutritional Rice


Nutritional rice contains various vitamins and trace elements needed by the human body, which can regulate the functions of the human body. Nutrients contained in nutritious rice are necessary for the human body. It has changed the shortcomings of ordinary rice that cannot supplement a variety of nutrients, making people more favor nutritious rice.


artificial nutritional rice making machine

Artificial nutritious rice is not only similar in appearance to ordinary rice, but also has a smooth taste and rich nutrition. Compared with ordinary rice, artificial nutritional rice has the following advantages:

1. Comprehensive nutritional ingredients, which are beneficial to human digestion and absorption.

As the artificial nutrient rice is produced through the extruder, the high temperature time is short, and the nutrients in the food are almost not destroyed. It not only changes the shape, but also changes the internal structure and properties of the molecule, which is convenient for the body to absorb.

2. Good taste

The special processing process of artificial nutritious rice has caused a series of qualitative changes in the cellulose, vitamins, and trace elements contained in the grain, which can make it delicious, soft and taste better than ordinary rice.

3. Prevent "regeneration" and facilitate storage

Normally, the main food is steamed and boiled. For example, freshly cooked rice is soft and delicious, but it will become hard and unpalatable after a period of time, which is called "regeneration". Artificial nutrient rice can solve the problem of "regeneration" well. In addition, the artificial nutritious rice is vacuum-packed, which can prevent mildew, moisture, and insects, and is convenient for long-term storage.

artificial rice making machine


The artificial nutritious rice production line is developed for the large amount of nutrients lost in the rice during the traditional rice milling process. Artificial nutritious rice is synthetic nutritious rice synthesized by scientific processing technology with natural grains, fruits, vegetables, etc. as the main raw materials, and added vitamins, minerals and trace elements and other nutrients necessary for the human body.

The automatic artificial rice extruder machine process is simple and easy to operate: the raw materials are crushed and mixed with a certain amount of water, oil, etc., at a certain temperature, the raw materials are matured in the extruder, and then extruded by the die to form a rice shape, and finally the reconstituted rice grains dry at low temperature. This extrusion technology effectively avoids the loss of nutrients, and thus becomes nutrient-rich artificial nutritional rice.


automatic artificial rice making machine


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