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What Are Some Important Factors That Affect Frying Oil?


Several important factors affect frying oil, what kind of oil is suitable for frying? The first thing we should consider is that the heating temperature of the oil is generally higher when frying food, and the stability and oxidation rate of the oil under high temperature conditions. Shandong Loyal industrial frying oil filter is a special equipment for processing food frying oil. Loyal industry experience and research summarize several important factors that affect frying oil.

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Consider From The Oxidation Rate:

Due to the different fatty acids contained in oils, the oxidation rate varies greatly. Saturated fats have the highest stability and are the least prone to oxidation.

The higher the degree of saturation of fat used for frying, the less likely it is to oxidize, and the less lipid peroxides it produces. Therefore, the fat used for frying food is preferably saturated fatty acid.

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Palm oil> animal oil> olive oil, wild tea oil> peanut oil> corn oil> soybean oil> rapeseed oil> sesame oil, flax oil, etc.

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Considering The Stability Of Fat:

The oils with relatively high stability in natural oils include tallow, cocoa butter, etc., with a stability value of 2.3-2.4, followed by lard and palm oil, with a stability value of 1.5-2.0. The stability is good. The stability value is 1.2, and other fats and oils are 1.0 or less. Such as soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc.

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Oils With Low Stability Value Are Not Suitable For Frying Oil.

The soybean oil and rapeseed oil mentioned above are not suitable for frying oil because they contain a certain amount of linolenic acid. Vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid are also not suitable for frying. For example, safflower oil and sunflower oil are rich in linoleic acid. It will also accelerate the oxidation reaction at high temperatures and produce peroxides and trans-types that are harmful to health. fatty acid.

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