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Tunnel Microwave Baking and Sterilizing Equipment Pine Nuts Hazelnuts Pistachios Drying Machine


Introduction of Tunnel Microwave Baking and Sterilizing Equipment Pine Nuts Hazelnuts Pistachios Drying Machine

Tunnel Microwave Baking and Sterilizing Equipment for Pine Nuts, Hazelnuts, Pistachios Drying Machine is a new drying equipment which is specially designed for drying various nuts products with high quality and low energy consumption. This machine adopts microwave as heating source, it can heat the material with low temperature but high efficiency, fast heating speed and short times. The final products will be just same as traditional roasting nuts, but the structure of nuts will not be damaged or broken during the process. It has large production capacity, high efficiency and easy operation.

The characteristics of microwave drying equipment for nuts drying peeling machine

Microwave drying equipment is a new type of drying equipment, which is widely used in the food industry, especially in the fruit and vegetable industry. It uses microwave heating to accelerate the drying process, and it can reduce the temperature at high temperatures and shorten the time of heating. The microwave drying equipment is an ideal food drying machine, which has many advantages such as easy to operate, energy saving, high efficiency and so on.

How does Tunnel microwave baking and sterilizing equipment work?

Tunnel microwave baking and sterilizing equipment is mainly used for drying and sterilizing. It is also called tunnel oven, tunnel microwave drying machine, brushless tunnel microwave oven, and so on.

Tunnel microwave baking and sterilizing equipment is one of the most advanced drying methods. The main purpose is to dry the surface of the material, while maintaining its original shape. In addition, it can also be used for food packaging, such as dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

The tunnel microwave baking and sterilizing equipment process of pine nut pistachio pumpkin seed

In the process of microwave sterilization and baking, the raw material is firstly dried by using hot air. After that, it goes into the tunnel microwave oven for sterilizing. Finally, it is cooled down in a certain temperature room. The whole process is automatically controlled by PLC and touch screen.

The equipment has been widely used in various industries such as food, chemical industry and medicine etc. It has been widely recognized by many customers due to its unique features such as high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation and so on.

Microwave heating principle of tunnel microwave baking-sterilizing equipment for pecan,almond,hazelnut and other nuts

The microwave oven is a new kind of cooking equipment that uses microwave heating principles. Microwaves in the electromagnetic spectrum occupy a relatively narrow band of frequencies. Compared with infrared radiation, microwaves are more penetrating and have a stronger heating effect. Microwaves can also generate strong electric fields, which can cause water molecules to vibrate rapidly and generate heat. The phenomenon is called dielectric heating or dielectric loss. The most common use of microwave ovens is to heat foods quickly and efficiently without adding fat or oil. Microwave heating occurs because water molecules absorb energy from the microwaves, causing them to vibrate violently from side to side. As water absorbs energy from microwave rays, it heats up quickly but does not get much hotter than boiling point (100 degrees Celsius). This is why you need to cook your food for less than 10 minutes in a microwave oven.

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