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The Current Situation And Solutions Of Extrusion Technology


Extruder often encounter such and other problems in the daily use process. When we encounter problems, how should we solve them? The following are the problems and solutions of extrusion technology:

puffed snacks making machineThe most direct and most common cause of unqualified puffed food is the seasoning problem. Due to the particularity of corn puffed snacks food processing technology, it must go through high temperature and even high pressure environment. The semi-finished product has no problem in microbiological indicators. After adding various flavors of seasonings, the microbiological indicators increase sharply or even exceed the standard, which shows that the seasonings directly affect the quality of the product.

puffed snacks lineSecondly, in the automatic corn puffed snacks processing line, the addition of inappropriate food additives, such as aluminum-containing leavening agents, will cause the product to have too high aluminum content. Some contact with lead and tin alloys, under high temperature conditions, these lead will vaporize and may contaminate puffed food. There is also a source of aluminum that has not attracted widespread attention, that is, synthetic food coloring, colorants prepared by precipitation of their aluminum lake water-soluble pigments on alumina.

puffed snacks

In addition, there are also problems such as extremely poor sanitation in some processing places, and deterioration of some foods under bad conditions.

puffed sancks machineComplete market management and supervision system, manufacturers strictly implement food hygiene management methods, and adopt scientific puffed snacks production technology, these problems can be avoided. At present, the overall quality of puffed food is passing. As long as consumers choose products from regular manufacturers and within the warranty period, they can eat them with confidence.

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