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The Cereal Bar Production Line Has Many Advantages


According to the actual needs of food processing plants at home and abroad, this Grain bar machinery has introduced advanced technology from foreign machinery to form a new generation of complete assembly line production equipment. The whole machine is composed of feed conveying, tablet press, and cooling conveyor to form cabinets and pellets. Part of the machine. They are equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation, reasonable structure, operation and maintenance, and are ideal equipment for today's food processing enterprises.

Cereal bar production equipment

The Cereal Bar Production Line consists of sugar boiling equipment, mixers, feeders, auxiliary materials, beating machines, spreaders, cooling flow pumps, automatic cutting machines, chocolate coating production lines, and packaging machines. The whole machine adopts frequency conversion speed synchronization, PLC controls the length of the cutting block, seven rollers flattening, the microcomputer controls the molding temperature, the molding square is good, the cutting length is accurate, and the product weight is consistent. The continuous production of the Cereal bar making machine realizes the grain bar Really automatic and intelligent operation.

Advantages of Cereal Bar Production Line:

1. Adopting computer control, advanced design, stability without impact and shaking, which solves the slow vibration problem of domestic counterparts.
2. The design of the mold and hopper of Grain bar machinery meets the production requirements of food-grade materials and is healthy and safe.
3. The Grain stick forming machine has formed a system with electronic eye tracking and positioning, two-machine calibration, and high yield.
4. With many leveling structures, the pressing is even and the thickness is uniform. The cutting speed is automatically controlled and the material is automatically loaded.
5. It is widely used in box-shaped automatic molding machines for Milton, Ophiopogon, eggs, sweet potato cakes, and peanut candy, which can be operated without people.
6. Square, round, rod-shaped and spherical are designed according to customer requirements.
7. The Cereal Bar Production Line is automatic stamping and forming, combining mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering technology, with the characteristics of easy operation, stable performance and easy maintenance.
8. The three processes of mixing, leveling and cutting are integrated, and there is no human connection between them, realizing the real automation and intelligent operation. Improve production efficiency and save labor costs.

Technical parameters of Cereal Bar Production Line:

Machine material

Stainless steel


200-1000kg / h


380V / 50Hz




8000 * 1200 * 1500mmSize can be customized according to requirements



The application range of Automatic cereal bar making machine is very wide. The raw material can be rice, wheat, millet, corn or other grains. The shape of the produced cereal bars can be round, cylindrical, square, semicircular, triangular and flower-shaped. All machines are of very good material quality and reasonable design, which is very suitable for the production of food processing enterprises.

Cereal bar example

Once the Grain stick forming equipment is sold, it has been snapped up by customers. It is not only beautiful, convenient, atmospheric, and real, but also has very good mechanical properties. Among many similar equipment, this one stands out and is widely recognized by customers. Praise, the actual product is consistent with the manufacturer's description, and the service is very thoughtful. If you have this requirement, it is your best choice!

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