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Industrial Conveyor Belt Dryer

Place of Origin Shandong China
Brand Name LOYAL
Certification CE,ISO9001,SGS,BV
Model Number Conveyor mesh belt chain dryer
Min.Order Quantity 1 sets
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Packaging Details Wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' require
Delivery Time 20days--35days
Payment Terms T/T,L/C,D/P
Supply Ability 20days /Conveyor Belt Dryer

Product Features

Industrial Multi-layer Conveyor Belt Dryer is a drying device that uses a steel mesh as a conveyor belt to carry out continuous drying. Since the conveyor belt is in the form of a mesh, it is suitable for drying rules or irregularities of various masses (for example, coal mass, various mineral powder molding, food, vegetables, etc.). This unit can be used with other equipment. It can also be used alone. The equipment can be widely used in metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, fertilizer, chemical and other industries, and the mesh belt dryer is also an ideal equipment for drying food and vegetables.

Conveyor Dryer Description

Specification /Brand

Material quality/remarks


Size of dryer


8m*1.39m(mesh belt1.2m)*5layer(2.6m)


Main frame

50*100mm Square tube

carbon steel


50*50mm Square tube

carbon steel


40*40*3mm angle iron

carbon steel

Inner sealing plate


carbon steel

External sealing plate


carbon steel

Conveyor Belt

Mesh belt

Hole 10*15mm

Wire diameter 1.2mm

304food grade stainless steel



carbon steel

Passing through

Diameter 10mm

304food grade stainless steel

Transmission shaft

Diameter 45mm

carbon steel

Dynamical system

Draught fan



Dehumidification system




X63-187-2.2KW   * 1

X53-187-2.2KW   * 1

Frequency control

Heating system

200,000 kcal

(Ria Road, Italy)Gas air heater

RIELLO from Italy

Heat preservation;

50mm rock wool


Distribution board



industrial Conveyor Belt Dryer Working Priciple:
The material to be treated is distributed on a conveyor belt through a suitable feeding mechanism, such as a star-shaped distributor, a swing belt, a pulverizer or a granulator, and the conveyor belt passes through a passage composed of one or several heating units, each heating unit They are equipped with an air heating and circulation system. Each channel has one or several dehumidification systems. When the conveyor belt passes, hot air passes through the material on the conveyor belt from top to bottom or from the lower column, so that the materials can be evenly distributed dry.


Multi-layer Conveyor Belt Dryer Design:

Features of Industrial conveyor dryer


 Air quantity, heating temperature, materials staying time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect


Exclusive patent design, side into the hot air, each layer has designed ducts and hot air outlets, to maximize the uniformity of drying and drying speed. Other brand products are generally warming up at the bottom or top.


The machine is equipped with unique air dividing apparatus, it makes the hot air distribute uniform better and guarantee the quality of products is constant.


Heating source can be steam, conduction oil,, electricity, coal (oil), or hot air furnace(gas),etc.


Electricity and other heat sources can be designed for dual use.

Industrial conveyor belt dryer Wide Application Range:

Belt conveyor dryer is a commonly used continuous drying equipment, which can be widely used in chemical, food, medicine, building materials, electronics and other industries. It is especially suitable for the drying of flakes, strips and granular materials with good ventilation. Types and paste materials can also be dried by granulator or extrusion process. Dehydrated vegetables, pelleted food, monosodium glutamate, chicken essence, coconut, organic pigments, synthetic rubber, acrylic fiber, pharmaceuticals, medicinal materials, small wood products, plastic products, electronic components aging, curing, etc.

Conveyor Dryer Machine Applicable Materials

Fruit :

apple, pineapple, mango, kiwi, lemon, cherry, berry, gogi, fig etc


carrot, potato, ginger, pepper, tomato, cabbage, chilli, garlic, onion, mushroom etc

Meat :

fish, seafood, pork, lamb, chicken, etc


Leaves ,moringa leaf ,tea


cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts


Cocoa Beans, pea

Flowers :

Rose etc

Plants and so on

medicines, Chinese herbs, particles, granules, packing bottle, pigment dyes, sausages, plastic resins, and baking finish etc.

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