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Panko Bread Crumb Production Line


Bread crumbs are the coating layer on the surface of fried food, aiming to make the fried food crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and reduce the loss of moisture of raw materials. With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for meat cutlets and fish cutlets is increasing, the use of bread crumbs for production is also increasing; at the same time, the increase in the export of fried products to Japan and South Korea. It also provides opportunities for the development of bread crumbs market.Bread crumbs are divided into European-style bread crumbs and Panko bread crumbs according to different regions. European-style breadcrumbs are mainly granular, crispy, chewy and uneven in appearance. Japanese-style breadcrumbs are similar to needle-like, loose flavor, and have a spiky appearance. Japanese bread crumbs are categorized into wet crumbs and dry crumbs according to their moisture. Wet crumbs have a good texture. According to the different processing methods are divided into baking crumbs and electrode crumbs, baking crumbs for the traditional production process, the flavor is sufficient, single production due to the baking of the dough produced by the Maillard reaction, so that the bread brown skin is very thick, the production of bread crumbs when the waste is more than a high cost; electrode crumbs are mainly used now, it is high efficiency, low energy consumption, large output for the market acceptance.

Flow Chart Of Panko Bread Crumb Processing Line

Bread crumbs are widely used food additives, mainly used in fried steak, fried chicken legs and other frying accessories.According to market needs, our company has developed a fully automatic productionline with flour as the main raw material, through extrusion, bread molding, low-temperature refrigeration, crushing, and drying to finished products. The production process from fabric input tocrushing and molding is all produced on the assembly line, with fewer personnel, and the remaining materials can be reused without waste, reducing manufacturing costs and improving labor productivity.

1.Raw materials: wheat flour, starch, etc.

2.This series of products: American granulated bread crumbs, snow crumbs, etc.

1. Powder Filter --- 2. Spiral Conveyer --- 3. Dough Direct Drive Mixer --- 4. Dough Througu Hoist --- 5. Dough Divider --- 6. Dough Rounder --- 7. Toast Moulder --- 8. Mould Cart and Plates --- 9. Fermentation Room ---10. Eletrode Oven --- 11. Cool Bread --- 12. Refrogenrator --- 13. Pulverizer --- 14. The drier

--- 15. Vibrating Square Filter --- 16. Metal detector --- 17. Conveyor belt ---18. Automatic scale and sewing machine --- 19. Dry bread crumbs

The Introduction Of Panko Bread Crumb Equipment

Panko bread crumb equipment refers to the machines and tools used for the production of panko bread crumbs, which are a type of Japanese breadcrumb known for their light and crispy texture. This equipment is designed to efficiently transform bread into panko crumbs and ensure consistent quality throughout the production process.

Here are some key pieces of equipment commonly used in panko bread crumb production:

  1. Bread Slicer: This machine is used to slice the bread into uniform slices, ensuring consistent thickness and size. It can handle a large volume of bread and allows for quick and precise slicing.
  2. Breadcrumb Mill/Grinder: The bread slices are then processed in a breadcrumb mill or grinder. These machines finely grind the slices, breaking them down into flaky particles. The grinder can be adjusted to produce different sizes and textures of panko crumbs.
  3. Coating/Seasoning Equipment: This equipment is used to coat and season the breadcrumbs. It can include machines that spray oil or other liquids onto the crumbs, and mixers or tumblers for blending in seasonings and spices. This step enhances the flavor and texture of the panko crumbs.
  4. Drying Equipment: After coating and seasoning, the breadcrumbs need to be dried to remove moisture and maintain their crispiness. Drying equipment, such as ovens or hot air dryers, are used to evenly dry the panko crumbs without compromising their texture and quality.
  5. Sieves/Graders: Once dried, the crumbs are passed through sieves or graders to remove any unwanted particles or impurities. This ensures a uniform size and quality of the panko crumbs.
  6. Packaging Equipment: Lastly, the panko crumbs are packaged using equipment such as weighing scales, filling machines, and sealing machines. Packaging equipment allows for efficient and hygienic packaging, ensuring the product's freshness and shelf life.

These are just some examples of the equipment used in panko bread crumb production. The specific equipment needed may vary depending on the scale of the operation and the desired output. Manufacturers may also incorporate additional equipment or variations to meet specific production requirements and maintain the desired quality of their panko bread crumbs.

Advantages Of Panko Bread Crumb Processing Line


A panko bread crumb processing line is designed to automate and streamline the production process, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Machines like bread slicers, grinders, and coating equipment can handle a large volume of bread slices in a short amount of time.

Consistent Quality

The use of specialized equipment ensures consistent quality throughout the production process. The bread slicers and grinders create uniformly sized crumbs, resulting in consistent texture and appearance. Coating and seasoning equipment evenly distribute flavors and seasonings, ensuring a consistent taste across all batches.


Panko bread crumb processing lines offer versatility and customization options. The grinder can be adjusted to produce crumbs of different sizes, allowing for the creation of fine or coarse panko crumbs based on customer preferences.

Increased Product Shelf Life

Drying equipment effectively removes moisture from the panko crumbs, thus extending their shelf life. Properly dried crumbs are less prone to spoilage and can be stored for longer periods without losing their crispy texture and quality.

Food Safety And Hygiene

Using dedicated equipment for panko bread crumb production ensures high levels of food safety and hygiene. The machines are designed to be easy to clean and maintain, reducing the risk of contamination. Moreover, automated processes minimize human handling, further reducing the chances of cross-contamination.


Investing in a panko bread crumb processing line can be cost-effective in the long run. The automation of the production process reduces labor costs, and the efficient utilization of ingredients minimizes waste. Additionally, producing panko bread crumbs in-house eliminates the need to purchase pre-packaged ones, potentially resulting in cost savings.


Panko bread crumb processing lines can be tailored to meet different production capacities, making them suitable for both small-scale and large-scale operations. The modular design of the equipment allows for easy expansion or adjustment as production needs change over time.

Overall, a panko bread crumb processing line offers several advantages, including increased efficiency, consistent quality, customization options, extended shelf life, food safety, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. These benefits make it an ideal choice for businesses involved in the production of panko bread crumbs.

The Function Of Panko Bread Crumb

The function of panko bread crumbs is to provide a crispy, light, and crunchy coating or topping to various dishes. Panko bread crumbs are larger and flakier compared to regular breadcrumbs, which gives them a unique texture and appearance.

When used as a coating, panko bread crumbs form a crispy outer layer when cooked or fried. They create a golden brown crust that helps seal in moisture and adds texture to foods like chicken, fish, vegetables, or even tofu. The light and airy texture of panko crumbs allows them to retain their crispiness even after being cooked, making them a popular choice for breading.

Panko bread crumbs can also serve as a flavorful topping for casseroles, baked dishes, or gratins. Their crispy texture adds an appealing contrast to creamy or soft fillings, enhancing the overall taste and visual appeal of the dish.

In addition to texture, panko bread crumbs can also add flavor to dishes. They can be plain or seasoned with various herbs, spices, or cheese, adding a savory or fragrant element to the final preparation.

Overall, the function of panko bread crumbs is to enhance the texture, appearance, and taste of a dish by providing a crispy and flavorful coating or topping.

Service For Pre-sale

1.Provide technical parameter2.Factory layout and size suggestion3.Provide general formulation4.Custom-Design service5.Professional Advice about Market, machines, materials, packing 6. Suggesting professional ship agent or helping book ship as customer request.7. 24 hours online service.

Service For After-sale

1.Allocation chart as the buyer's request will be supplied. 2.Operation manual will be supplied after shipment.3.One year w arrantee, life time maintenance with cost price.4.Free easy broken spare parts will be sent with container .5.First installation can be done by engineer.6.Training workers in customer's factory.

Equipment After-sales Service

1. Recipe: The company's after-sales service department can provide free basic recipes or introduce more marketable recipe experts.

2. training: after the installation and commissioning of the equipment can be on-site training of relevant operators, equipment easy to operate.

3. return visit: regular after-sales telephone call back to customers, to help you solve the relevant problems encountered in the use of equipment.

4. maintenance: our company provides quality and inexpensive spare parts to the demand side all year round, and provides equipment upgrades and new product development support, really let you have no worries.

5. Out of warranty maintenance: the company provides free maintenance for equipment damage caused by non-human factors during the warranty period. If the equipment is damaged due to human factors and force majeure, the company will provide maintenance services but charge the relevant fees.

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