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Is instant noodles junk food?


Many people are very fond of instant noodles, which are a kind of instant food that can be eaten with hot water to enjoy the deliciousness directly and solve our dietary needs in just a few minutes. Therefore, more and more people are now eating instant noodles, and they even store some for emergencies.

Although instant noodles are prevalent today, many people believe that instant noodles are not healthy food. They advocate not to consume them for health, so is instant noodles really a kind of junk food?

Is instant noodles junk food?

The professional and technical article Top 10 Quality Instant Noodle Lines in 2021 shows that instant noodles are a prevalent fast food that is very popular worldwide. But it has to be said that instant noodles are indeed a kind of junk food. The nutrition within instant noodles is unbalanced, and the content of salt and MSG is excessive, which is not healthy for the human body.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced the world's top ten junk food shows that the world's top ten junk food is the culprit of our obesity and a major factor in causing health problems. The world's top ten junk food, including fried food and convenience food, and instant noodles are convenience food and fried food.

Harmful substances in instant noodles:

1. Grease

In order to extend the shelf life, most brands of instant noodles on the market are fried in oil, and the oil becomes oxidized lipids after oxidation. These substances will accumulate in the blood vessels or other organs, forming the aging phenomenon, accelerating the rate of aging, causing arteriosclerosis, leading to cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, kidney disease, and other diseases.

2. Salt

A packet of instant noodles contains about 6 grams of salt, and a person's daily intake of salt to 6 grams is appropriate, so the salt content of instant noodles is obviously high. One packet of instant noodles can only meet the needs of one meal, so when we consume other foods, the salt intake must exceed the limit. So, eat instant noodles frequently will be prone to hypertension due to excessive salt intake and damage to the kidneys.

3. Phosphate

Phosphate additives can improve the taste of instant noodles, but when our bodies intake too much phosphate will make the body's calcium can not be fully absorbed and used, easily causing fractures, tooth loss, and bone deformation.


It takes one or two months for instant noodles to be sold to consumers if the cycle is short, while it may take a year if the cycle is long. Antioxidants can greatly extend the shelf life of instant noodles. The antioxidants and other chemicals in instant noodles will slowly deteriorate with the passage of time due to long-term storage and environmental influences, which can be harmful to the human body after consumption.

Therefore, instant noodles are indeed junk food, not good for our body, so the experts also recommend that it is best to eat less instant noodles.

In order to prevent and reduce the harmful effects of instant noodles on the human body, you should pay attention to the way they are consumed when eating them. First of all, you should pour out the soup from the first time you make instant noodles. You can find a lot of grease floating in these soups, and then blend them with boiling water or other soups to reduce the salt and other harmful substances in them.

In addition, when eating instant noodles, you can add some vegetables rich in vitamins, such as spinach and green peppers, to dilute the harm of various additives to the human body and supply nutrition to the body. And don't forget that eggs and instant noodles are an excellent combination.

When we can control the number of times the instant noodles are consumed and master the correct way of consumption, the harm of instant noodles to the human body can be reduced to a minimum. Today, the instant noodle market is still very hot, and the competition is fierce.

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