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Is biscuit making business profitable?

If I want to continue this business single-handedly, the first thing I might do is to open a small biscuit factory and replace the oven with a Biscuit Production Line.

Biscuit is a kind of pastry suitable for all ages. It has a mellow sesame aroma, a soft taste, melts in the mouth, and moderate sweetness. It is mainly made of wheat flour as the primary raw material, adding sugar, oil, and other natural materials. It then makes it into a crispy or crunchy food after mixing, forming, baking, and other processes.

With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, snacks have become an indispensable snack food and three meals a day, and the types are also diverse. Because of this, some food manufacturers intend to produce snacks for profit, so Is the biscuit-making business profitable?

If you like baking and have a strong interest in food processing, it is one of your best businesses. In addition, this is an economically profitable risk. Biscuit manufacturing belongs to the traditional baking industry. …And it only sells biscuits in the local market.

If you want to start a family workshop to sell biscuits, it is relatively simple. There is no express delivery problem in offline sales, and the production capacity does not need to be significant. 

In this process, I made the following strategies:

One 、Limited sales types

This makes it easy to prepare materials, make certain types of biscuits with similar ingredients, and control the purchase of raw materials and cost calculation. It is also helpful for consumers to form a fixed taste and create the main image.

Two 、Adopt a reservation model.

First, the finished biscuits are not pressed; second, the delivery time can be negotiated and estimated.

Three 、Limited sale

Shipments can be controlled within the maximum capacity range. Otherwise, you will be exhausted, and you will be in a hurry. It is also to ensure quality.

Four 、Try eating and push new products.

Attract customers, take care of and absorb students with different tastes.

However, I have to say that the business of selling biscuits is not easy to do. After some tossing, without counting human resources, electricity, and water costs, each box made an average profit of 3 yuan. And each box takes an hour on average, which makes it very tiring to drive. This approach can only be used as an experience to do this business, and don't want to make a profit.

If I want to continue this business single-handedly, the first thing I might do is to open a small biscuit factory and replace the oven with a Biscuit Production Line. A high-performance and high-capacity Biscuit Production Line machine can help you. Save a lot of labor.

We must know that the worst thing is not the human resources, not the raw materials, but the production capacity of the oven. The 25L oven can only bake two boxes at a time. If there is more space, each shipment can be doubled. Tossing six boxes three times, the amount of labor is different from baking six boxes at a time. This link is improved, and if the effect is good, the next thing will be considered.

In addition, if you want to build a physical biscuit shop offline, simply selling biscuits is not enough. Taking the example of my small size, the profit margin is so small; even if you open a store and reduce the cost of raw materials, you can make a profit. The profit margins are very meager, not enough to support the expenses of the store.

So if you want to get the most benefit, you first need to start with the Biscuit Production Line machinery. Nowadays, the most popular automatic biscuit production line has reliable performance, compact structure, small footprint, high output, low energy consumption, durability, and easy maintenance. , The operation is simple; if you have a significant issue in the development of the biscuit business, you can consult us in detail about the choice and use of machinery. We are happy to answer for you!

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