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Industrial Sterilization Equipment For The Industry To Bring A Lot Of Benefits


Nowadays our life is full of all kinds of goods around us, with people's increasingly high requirements for health, whether it is food or industrial processed products, quality and safety are very important, for example, all kinds of food, it is best to sterilize before use, so as to eat at ease. In the process of industrial production, also need to carry out sterilization treatment, Leader Microwave Equipment production of industrial sterilization equipment can help us effectively.

Sterilized jujube

Advantages of industrial sterilization equipment

  1. Fast sterilization

The microwave of industrial sterilizing machine is the direct interaction between high frequency microwave and the sterilized material. The permeability of microwave energy enables the material to be heated inside and outside at the same time, which can greatly improve the sterilization rate.

  1. High efficiency

The traditional sterilization process often lasts several days or even dozens of days, but the use of industrial sterilization machine sterilization can greatly reduce the processing time.

  1. The quality of sterilized materials is very good

Microwave Sterilization Machine in sterilization has a strong permeability and heating selectivity, so in the sterilization process of the material inside and outside the two ends of the middle fiber contraction is consistent, so the material cracking and deformation is small.

  1. Kill pests at the same time

This is because of the strong resonance effect of the microwave electromagnetic field energy of the microwave sterilizer and the water molecules in the material, the harmful moth and larvae inside the material can be all killed at the same time.

  1. Microwave sterilization equipment is energy-saving and efficient, which can save land area and improve labor conditions.

Industrial sterilizing equipment

Leader Microwave Equipment is a professional microwave sterilization equipment production company, the production of equipment are made of international famous accessories, it is very convenient to use, but also produced a variety of different models, convenient for customers to make different choices.

Model and technical parameters of industrial sterilization equipment









Input power

Three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%

Microwave output power


Microwave frequency


Rated input apparent power


Height of inlet and outlet


Transmission band width


Transmission speed


Working environment

0~40℃、Relative humidity≤80%

Industrial sterilization equipment can effectively sterilize various materials, which is a very good choice for factory processing and production. Compared with traditional sterilization method, the performance of the equipment is far ahead.

Microwave sterilization equipment

Disadvantages of traditional sterilization methods

1.Sterilization is not complete, sterilization belongs to the sterilization level, can not completely kill bacteria, the virus has no killing effect. It's very bad for mold, about a tenth of what it is for e. coli.
2.Sterilization has a blind angle, ultraviolet sterilization, the light does not reach the place of no effect. The range beyond 1.5 meters of uv light source is basically invalid.

3.Sterilization has decline, uv sterilization ability with the increase of time and decline.

After repeated use of industrial sterilization equipment, we truly realized the convenience brought by microwave technology. All kinds of microwave equipment have great advantages. Frozen seafood microwave defrosting equipment, jujube microwave drying equipment, osmanthus microwave deactivation equipment, let our life become more convenient and fast.

Industrial sterilizing equipment brings many benefits to various industries. With this high-quality equipment, our life will be more healthy, manufacturers can get more profits, consumers can also get more sanitary products, can be said to kill two birds with one stone. In this era of rapid development, grasp the opportunity is to grasp the future.

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