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Industrial Popcorn Machine Manufacturing Process  

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Industrial popcorn machine adopts the lastest puffing technology to puffed the U.S. corn directly. Commercial popcorn machine technology is an effective combination of temperature and hot air circulation.Popcorn machine is energy-efficient, smallfootprint, health, high rate, no noise, the advantages of simple operation.

Industrial Popcorn Machine Manufacturing Process  

Popcorn factory have two ways to make the caramel or chocolate popcorn. One is spraying way and the other is coating way.

The client can choose the right ways according to the thickness of caramel or chocolate on the popcorn.

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Pop corn making machine with compelling ventilation heating system, inner layer air flow baffle, accurate temperature control, and thickened insulation layer. Its advanced technique provides all the necessary functions in low power, high heating efficiency, low runmanufacturing project report ning cost, and less machine maintenance.

Popcorn manufacturing process  flow of caramel popcorn:

Elevator---Popper---Belt conevyor----Continuous sifter---Belt conveyor----Caramel coater---cooling and separation tumbler.

Pop corn Processing flow of savory popcorn production line:

Elevator----popper----Continuous sifter---continuous coater---Dry seasoner----Holding kettle---PLC control panel 

Capacity of Pop corn manufacturing project report 

Hot air popper :   30-40kg/h, 60-80kg/h, 80-120kg/h, 120-150kg/h, 250kg/h, 300kg/h, etc.

 Finished popcorn :  60-80kg/h, 200-300kg/h, 300-400kg/h, 400-500kg/h

Industrial Popcorn Machine For Sale

Pop corn making machine raw material:

Corn adopts magic mushroom imported from the United States.

Produced by American VOGEL, the top corn kernel of the industry's first brand VOGEL company.

The exploding rate is 99%, the exploding multiple is 45 times, and the weight of 100 grains is 10 grams. The moisture content is 14.5%, which is mushroom-shaped popcorn.

Popcorn production line flavored with LOUANA coconut oil, GM caramel, Hokkaido seaweed flavor powder, Parmesan cheese, Alishan mustard, caramel macchiato, caramel popcorn, sweet and sour plum, tomato chili flavor, Mexican cheese, Barbie Q, etc. Sprinkle flavor powder.

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