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How to use Cereal Bar Production Line?



1.The stirring, leveling, cutting three process integrated together, without human connection among them, has realized the real
automatic and intelligent operation. Improve the production efficiency, save the human cost.Cereal Bar Production Line
2.Imitate human manual cutting principle, adopts advanced frequency control of motor speed, different products can meet your needs.
3.Has many reforming flat structure, suppression smooth, uniform thickness. Cutting speed automatic control, automatic feeding,
horizontal, vertical automatic feed cutting food, square size can be customized.
4.PLCintelligent computer controlled,convenient and efficient,easy to operation.
5.This machine working continuous,no-stop slitting and cutting,improving produce efficiency,the output can reach 2000pcs/min.
6.High speed head of slitting can adjust length freedom,have no length and short bars and incline phenomenon.
7. Auxiliary products uniformity,use no enquidistance packing auger,put all auxiliary material uniformity products.
8. Surface pressed light,adjust thickness and thin convenience.
9.The quality of all machines's material very good,reasonable design.

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