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How To Manufacture Dog Food In Manufacturing Plant ?


dog food making machine

What are the tools/raw materials used in the dog food processing plants?


Meat meal: It is obtained by drying and breaking the meat (similar to chicken  powder, beef powder, fish powder, etc.). Meat powder has low water content (the water content is the same as flour) and is easy to store (low water content will not cause corruption), Easy to transport (almost no requirements for the transport environment). Because the feed of the extruder requires dry and powdery materials, the process of making meat into meat powder occurs.


Cereals: Cereals are naturally high in protein, rich in minerals, carbohydrates, etc., coupled with drying and easy to flour, they have become another source of raw materials for dog food. You will know before that Hebei produces more dog food. 


Fresh meat: After continuous innovation, based on the transformation of the traditional extrusion, the process of pumping water is changed to the method of pulping meat, adding fresh meat into the extrusion. Improve palatability. Because the water content of fresh meat is too high, it needs to be strictly controlled during the production process. Otherwise, the temperature of the extruder is unstable due to high water content, which will cause the loss of the entire batch of dog food. And the higher the content of fresh meat, the output will be limited and the life of the machine will be shortened. That's why the price of dry foods with fresh meat is higher.

What are the method/steps of the dog food manufacturing process?

1. The raw material enters the "feeding port"

2. The raw material enters the extruder (high temperature and high pressure) through the conveyor, and the dog food comes out in long strips.

3. There is a mold at the exit of the extruder, that is, a dog food pellet style mold. After the extruder (secondary curing) comes out, the dog food has a high water content of 30%, which is very soft and very fragrant. Then enter the flow oven (100 degrees constant temperature, 10 meters length, a total of six layers).

4. After the dry dog feed is baked, the moisture content is 10% and it can be stored for more than one year without adding any preservatives. The same goes for dried walnuts. Then the dog food enters the oil spraying and dusting rotating barrel through the pipeline. Oil spray is often used to add fat to dry food and is an important part of dog food nutrition. Usually animal fats are used in hot and humid areas in the south, and vegetable fats are used in dry areas in the north. After the dog food is sprayed, it is dusted. The dusting is used in the final forming process of dog feed. Spraying the configured minerals, vitamins and other substances on the dog food just after the spraying is sprayed at this stage. On dog food.

5 The dog feed comes out of the rotating bucket, and the dog food is loaded into the heat dissipation frame through the heat dissipation conveyor to dissipate the residual heat, and directly enters the dog food frame (the capacity is one ton). At this point, the entire process has ended, and the final packaging.

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