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How To Make High Quality Use Of Feed Extruder Machine?


After the corn stalks are chopped and fermented by automatic feed extruder machine. They can be made into feed. And it can be supplied to cattle, sheep, pigs, deer, geese and other types of livestock for food. According to experiments, the meat quality and resistance of poultry and livestock fed with straw feed have been improved. And the cost can be reduced. What's more advantageous is that this equipment-processed feed is storage-resistant and is called "canned feed".

automatic feed extruder machine


During the production process of the feed extruder. It is necessary to crush the corn stalks first to break the straw fiber cell wall and destroy the waxy film on the surface of the straw. And then put it into the industrial pet feed extruder making equipment together with the starter for expansion and fermentation. In this process, the double screw extruder machine. The high temperature inside can also sterilize the straw. Therefore, the produced feed can be stored for a long time.

automatic feed extruder machine


It can be seen that the full automatic feed extruder machine plays an extremely important role in the process of turning straw into feed.

Industrial twin screw feed extruder is usually composed of slicing knife, automatic feeding system, conditioner, screw and other parts.

automatic feed extruder machine


1.The cutter is equipped with a stepless speed regulation device to ensure the consistency of the shape and size of the final extruded material;

2.The cooperation between the automatic feeding system and the conditioner can make the equipment reach the best condition;

3.During the expansion process, different screw designs will affect the final expansion effect.

automatic feed extruder machine


With the tightening of the country's environmental protection policy, the termination of waste straw and its resource utilization have become the pursuit of many regions.

Let more canned feed go to the market and effectively create economic benefits for breeding enterprises.

On the road of turning straw into feed, we still need to speed up double screw feed making equipment research and development to promote the output of more high-quality feed.

automatic feed extruder machine

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