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How To Maintain The Extruder?


How to maintain the extruder?


   1. The bearing part of the expanded main engine should be filled with lubricating oil regularly.


   2. It is strictly forbidden to use a hard hammer during disassembly and assembly of the screw sleeve, rotary cutter body, die head and other vulnerable parts.


   3. The puffed raw materials should be cleaned to prevent metal, sand and other foreign objects from entering the machine and damaging the parts.


   4. Check the quality of the extruder at any time, and pay attention to replacing the wearing parts.


   5. Keep clean and ventilated around the equipment.


  6. When shutting down for a long time without using or replacing the puffed materials, the materials in the puffing cavity should be removed to avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross-contamination between materials.

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