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How to Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine?



This Corn Puff Snacks Making Machine is a miniature twin-screw extruder, but it has the functions of an ordinary twin-screw extruder, and the specifications are a complete set of processes and processes. However, this test machine is more direct than the large twin -screw extruder in the parameter performance display. The touch screen display will display all the parameter details in front of the operator in a digital and graphical manner, including the real-time rotation speed of the screw, and the Real-time temperature, real -time pressure, etc.

corn puff snack food processing machine is characterized by advanced technical, rational configuration, high automation and stable performance.

Corn puff snack food processing machine can finish steaming, extruding and shaping in one step without a boiler.

The products have similar shapes to the real one.This processing line can make different kinds snacks, such as rice crusts, chips, bulges, pizza rolls, The production process include mixing, extruding, cutting, frying, flavoring and packing.

Corn puff snack food processing machine: wheat flour, potato starch, potato flour, corn starch, cassava starch, etc.

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