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How To Choose Dog Food


The main function of dog food is to provide the most basic life guarantee, growth and health of the animal dogs. The dog food which made by full automatic pet food processing line has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate. What’s more, it has the characters of scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding and prevention of certain diseases.

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The color of dog food in pet food can reflect the type and structure of pet food raw materials. The pet dog is an omnivorous animal whose main food is meat. Then the color of high-quality dog food should be able to reflect the color of the meat. After the high temperature commercial pet food extruder process, the meat will appear brown or dark brown. Therefore, dog food with more meat content will be darker than food with less content. Pet food made from pure chicken shows another situation. Good chicken powder has a lighter color because it is pure chicken breast and does not contain by-products such as chicken bones and chicken internal organs. Therefore, pet food grains made from pure chicken will have a lighter color. In addition, the current industrial pet food making machinery technology is very advanced, adding some pigments can imitate the color of "meat", so it is increasingly difficult to judge the quality of pet food based on color alone.

dog food Non-uniform shape is inferior dog food. There is some truth in observing the uniformity of the shape and size of dog food particles. It can reflect the manufacturer's ability to control the full automatic dog food process. The profile can reflect the scale of the company. Normally, dog food looks basically uniform in particle size and basically consistent in appearance and shape. Overemphasized that all particles are round or square, are completely one shape, and the specifications are exactly the same. Then it same like to attend to trifles and neglect the essentials.

pet food extruder machineDog food with a smooth surface must be good. Dog food is based on meat and a combination of many other raw materials. It contains a lot of meat tissue fiber, which is crushed for the needs of dog food production line. However, many pet lovers now respond that the surface of the particles should be delicate, the more delicate the better, this is a very incorrect view. Pet dogs don't like to eat too delicate food, and many times pet lovers like to soak dog food in water before feeding it to their pets. Therefore, if the food is too delicate under the action of starch, it will become very sticky, which is the biggest trouble for dogs to eat. Because for dogs, give them some hard food, but also can't give them soft and sticky food.

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It's not good dog food if it doesn't taste good. When choosing pet food, you can smell it, and then you can judge the freshness of the dog food from the smell. If there is a taste of fat oxidation and rancidity, that is, the oily taste we often say, it means that this dog food is not very fresh. Then try not to choose it. A good dog food tastes normal light meat aroma or fishy taste. Its aroma is natural, not strong.

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