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How to Automatic Powder Packaging Machine?



The Multi-function small sachets coffee powder grain filling weighing packaging machine is suitable for tea, powder, granule , parts etc automatically packing. With the micro-computer control system,the bag packaging machine can adjust the heating temperature, set the bag length and run the film automatically.The weight filling machine works together with the bag forming machine, which speed up the packaging, labor saving.


1-5000g automatic powder quantitative packaging machine flavor spices automatic powder quantitative packaging machine This machine adopts screw filling and electronic weighing feedbackmeasurement methods, combined with the microcomputer control, has the function of automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic error correction, counting, clear material etc..

Applicable to the compound seasoning (such as Ma Laxian), natural seasoning (thirteen incense), food additives, flavor spices, flour, milk powder, protein powder, solid drink,sugar, monosodium glutamate, pesticides, veterinary drugs, washing powder, enzyme preparation, feed additives, chemicals, new building materials, powdered (powder, superfine powder), quantitative fillingquantitative packaging, powder grain mixture.

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