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How long do Commercial Microwaves last?


How long can commercial microwaves can be used?
How to use the commercial microwave oven correctly?

The microwave oven is a very common kitchen equipment. Which gives us a very convenient and main tools when many families heated meals. The nutrition of the microwave oven is very wide. Not just in our kitchen, many commercial activities will also be used in microwaves.

In order to improve economic benefits, many companies will purchase commercial microwaves. It is a problem that all companies are very concerned about. Which will have a large extent affect the investment of the company. How long can the commercial microwave can be used?

How long do Commercial Microwaves last?
In general, the service life of commercial microwaves is around 8 years. if maintenance is good, it can be used for about 10 years. The life of the commercial microwave oven is related to the life of the components. And is also related to daily maintenance. Therefore, when buying commercial microwave, pay attention to choosing a large brand of products. So the quality of components is better. Typically, the quality of the magnetron can be used in 2000 hours. The high voltage transformer can use 3000 hours. The high voltage capacitor can be used for 3000 hours. And the timing switch can be 5,000 times, each relay switch can be 125,000.

Commercial microwave ovens are a new type of cookware with high advantages of heating, high efficiency, time saving, and convenient use, has gradually entered a lot of restaurants or industrial production. It is very necessary to correctly use the microwave oven. if not used, it is difficult to achieve the ideal cooking effect. But also damage the machine components, affect the life of the human health and microwave.

How to use the commercial microwave oven correctly?

  1. Don't pull it down immediately, wait for 2 minutes, and wait for the fan to stop turning again.
  2. It is best to use a mat to prevent the commercial microwave cushion to avoid the dust-free microwave base.
  3. Don't switch to business microwaves, avoid damage to the oven door.
  4. Do not block the vents of the commercial microwave, so that the exhaust is not smooth, causing the internal components of the furnace to burn down.
  5. Jelly in advance before cooking food.
  6. Food can't be cooked in a metal bowl. If the food is placed in a metal bowl, it is placed in the commercial microwave, not only there is not a good cooking effect, but the machine parts are also easily damaged.
  7. After each use, use a soft cloth to clean the inside and outside of the commercial microwave, keep clean.

Only use the correct method when used in the usual method, and take some good measures to effectively extend the service life of the commercial microwave. So that you can reduce repairs and replacement costs, get more High return.

Microwave technology is a very great invention. And now it has been applied in various industries and provides very convenient for our lives. In the food processing industry, industrial microwave equipment is also a key device for major manufacturers to expand the market.

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