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How Is The Pet Feed Extruder Machine Maintained?


With the continuous progress and development of the society, the use of twin screw pet feed extruders is also increasing. And the maintenance of the double screw dog feed extruder machine is becoming more and more important. Below, Loyal will explain the maintenance tips of the automatic feed extruder machine:

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1. Keep the equipment around the industrial pet feed extruder equipment clean.

2. Lubricating grease should be added to the feed puffing case body bearing in time. After 500 hours of operation, all the lubricating grease should be replaced once.

3. The other bearing parts of the full automatic pet feed extruder equipment should be filled with grease regularly.

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4. Check the quality of double screw extruder machine at any time and pay attention to replacing the wearing parts.

5. It is strictly forbidden to use hard objects and heavy hammers in the process of disassembly and assembly of vulnerable parts such as screws and screw sleeves. It is strictly forbidden to place heavy objects or stand people on the expansion cavity.

6. The extruded raw materials of the automatic twin screw feed extruder should be cleaned to prevent metal and other foreign objects from entering the machine and damaging the parts.

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7. Because the wearing parts near the discharge port wear relatively quickly. And the wearing parts near the feed port wear less. So when replacing the wearing parts. They should be replaced sequentially from the discharge end. It is not suitable to replace more than one at a time. Kind of parts.

8. When shutting down for a long time without using or replacing the expanded materials. The materials in the expansion cavity of the double screw feed extruder should be removed to avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross-contamination between materials.

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