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How is a corn flake name?


Cornflake is a very popular breakfast cereal. It is the favorite of many office workers. When you have time to eat breakfast in the morning, you can enjoy delicious with milk and make delicious, very convenient and fast, and rich is very rich. Nutrition, today's cornflakes have also become a new choice for the public breakfast.

When the market demand is high, there will be more and more manufacturers to start producing cornflakes, then how is the cornflakes produced?

How is a corn flake name?

Cornflake is a new type of fast food, the market demand is very large, and the cornflakes are raw materials such as corn, adding sugar, salt, vitamins, and minerals. After mixing ingredients, squeezing, cutting molding, pre-drying, A grain food made from the production process such as a tablet and high temperature baking.

The detailed production process of corn flakes is as follows:

  1. Ingredients: First, you need to match the raw material according to the formula of the cornflake. If you want to ensure that the cornflakes have a better taste, you need to use a relatively high quality formula. And choose high quality raw materials, only this can produce higher Quality of cornflakes.
  2. Squeeze the molding: Extrusion technology is the most critical step in the production of cornflakes. High quality corn flakes must be completely ripened without any puffed, which makes the corn flakes to crisically delicious.
  3. Cut: The raw material extruded is required to cut, cut into a particulate shape of a size.
  4. Pre-drying: The cut particles are dried in the dryer, drying the surface of the material is dry, and does not adhere to each other.
  5. Tablet: The dry material is pressed using a tablet machine, presses the shape of the corn flake in size.
  6. High temperature baking: High-temperature baking will allow corn slices to form a very crispy taste, and it is also a very important step when processing corn flakes, crispy taste and unique flavors are also an important reason for cornflakes attract consumers.
  7. At this time, the cornflakes have been completed. But now the improvement of the economy has made the public have higher requirements for cornflakes. And multi-flavor has become a new trend. Some manufacturers will also produce cornflakes. Apply some sugar or chocolate and other increasing flavors.
  8. The last step is to use the packaging machine to pack.

The above is the specific production process of cornflakes.This is also the process used in most manufacturers to produce cornflakes. To make the corn flakes produced with a richer taste and more prominent flavor, you must use the most advanced Extrusion technology. Only in this way can ensure that manufacturers can have stronger competitiveness in the fierce market.

Corn Flake Production Line is a new type of equipment recognized by the manufacturer. It is our engineer combined with advanced technology in China. It has very advanced extrusion technology. The produced cornflakes have a high quality. And nutrients are also very rich, so many well-known companies have reached a long-term cooperation relationship with us.

In order to benefit more companies, our engineers have effectively reducing the cost of Corn Flake Production Line. Which is the highest cost-effective in similar equipment. In addition, the equipment is made of stainless steel, rugged, simple operation, high production efficiency, large production.It is the ideal choice for manufacturers.

The cornflakes have a very vast market prospect. In the future, sales will continue to grow, but also brings very rich profits for many manufacturers. If you want to produce high-quality cornflakes with quality equipment, please contact us, we will be dedicated at your service!

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