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Fried Snack Foods Electric Potato Crisps Batch Fryer


As a ninja, he doesn't like fighting. If you want him to do something, the best thing to do is to agree to food as a reward. Whether he is fat or stupid, he will respond with a smile, but don't grab food with him, even a piece of potato chips will instantly increase his fighting power. The so-called potato chips are potato chips, which are fried from potatoes as raw materials and belong to the fried snack food.


       With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the snack food industry has grown rapidly. People have begun to treat potato chips as the best choice to relieve pressure and pass the time, and they are becoming more and more casual.

Fried Snack Foods Electric Potato Crisps Batch Fryer

       For fried snack foods, frying processing Continuous Frying Machine equipment plays a key role in the production process. Frying equipment is divided into vacuum fryer and atmospheric fryer according to different pressures. Vacuum frying machine is more widely used than normal pressure frying machine, and has been used in dried fruits, meat products, fruit and vegetable chips and other foods. In addition to these two types of frying machines, vacuum hybrid frying machines are favored both inside and outside the industry due to their high efficiency and good efficacy. The vacuum fryer is a multi-functional, smoke-free, mixed-type advanced frying Continuous Frying Machine equipment. For manufacturers, it solves the problems of traditional frying machine residues, frying acidification, carbonization, and deterioration. problem.

Fried Snack Foods Electric Potato Crisps Batch Fryer2

       In recent years, under the vigorous promotion of green environmental protection, the food industry has also begun to adopt a healthy and environmentally friendly style. The vacuum hybrid fryer is in the ranks of energy saving and environmental protection. Its oil-water mixing technology solves a large number of problems caused by overheating and drying of the fryer. It saves more than half of the oil than the traditional fryer, to a certain extent. Extend the frying cycle, reduce raw material waste and environmental pollution.

Fried Snack Foods Electric Potato Crisps Batch Fryer3



       Therefore, the vacuum oil-water hybrid frying machine conforms to the market trend, meets the needs of users, and has developed rapidly. The trend of the food industry and market demand have continuously improved the performance of machinery and equipment, and behind this is the unremitting innovation and research and development of manufacturing companies. Nowadays, there are more and more types of frying equipment, and product quality is becoming more and more perfect. Therefore, manufacturing companies need to start from innovation to improve their market competitiveness. Jinan Zhennuo is such an enterprise that insists on innovation. It not only has many foreign advanced production technologies and equipment, but also independently develops many excellent quality products.


       Its production of frying equipment such as small flip fryers and continuous filters is a high-tech food equipment that integrates fuel saving, sanitation, environmental protection, and practicality. It can be seen from this that machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises help to promote the development of production enterprises and play a very important role in the development of the fried snack food market.

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