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Fried Bugles Process Line


Fried bugle line is a production line for bugle snacks, a snack food similar to small corn horns. This type of production line usually includes a series of stages such as mixing and forming dough, frying, seasoning and packaging. The process begins by mixing flour, cornmeal, and other ingredients to form a dough. This dough is then passed through a series of rollers and cut into the signature bugle shapes before being fried in hot oil. After frying, the horn snacks are seasoned with various spices or condiments, depending on the desired flavor profile. Finally, the treats are packaged and ready to hand out. The production line for fried horn usually consists of specialized machinery and equipment for each process stage, such as mixers, tumblers, fryers, seasoning machines and packaging machines. These machines are designed to efficiently and quickly produce large quantities of horn snacks.

The Flowchart Of Fried Bugles Process Line

  1. Mixer --- 2. Screw Conveyor --- 3. Twin-Screws Extruder --- 4. Pulling And Cutting Machine --- 5. Bugle Shaping Machine  --- 6. Hoister --- 7. Continuous Fryer --- 8. De-Oilling Machine --- 9. Hoister --- 10. Flavoring Machine

The Function Of Fried Bugles Process Line

1.Mixer: Mixer makes the raw material adding to water and other chemical additive fully mixed.

2.Screw Conveyor: Conveying the raw material from the mixer to the extruder.

3.Twin-Screws Extruder: The dough is then fed into an extruder machine, which shapes it into the classic bugles curved shape. The extruder uses heat and pressure to shape the dough, and the resulting Bugles are cut to a specific length.

4.Pulling And Cutting Machine: Used to change the shape of the product, adjust the product: wonderful crisp angle, crescent, triangle, fish shape, etc.

5.Bugle Shaping Machine: Create the desired product shapes.

6.Hoister: Used to enhance the product to reach the next device.

7.Continuous Fryer: The bugles are then fried in hot oil to give them a crispy texture and golden color. The frying process typically takes place in a continuous fryer, where the bugles move along a conveyor belt through a bath of hot oil.

8.De-Oilling Machine: Remove the oil on the outside of the bugles.

9.Hoister: Deliver the snack to next device.

10.Flavoring Machine: After frying, the bugles are sprayed with a seasoning mixture while they are still hot. This seasoning can vary depending on the flavor of the bugles being produced.

11.Cooling And Packaging: The seasoned bugles are then cooled and dried to remove excess oil and moisture. Once they are cooled, they are packaged in bags or containers and sent for distribution.

The Parameter Of Fried Bugles Process Line


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What’s Advantage Of Fried Bugles Process Line

Consistency In Product Quality

The production line ensures that every horn snack is consistent in size, shape and flavor. This is very important to maintain customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

High Production Capacity

This production line can produce large quantities of horn snacks in a short period of time. This is very important to meet market demand and ensure a stable supply of products.

Automated Production

Use specialized machinery and equipment to automate the production process, reducing the need for manual labor and minimizing errors.

High Cost Performance

The use of one production line reduces the production cost. This is because it reduces the need for manual labor, minimizing the labor required and saving on labor costs.

Improve Food Safety

This production line ensures that military snacks are produced under strict hygienic conditions, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring food safety for consumers.

What’s Advantage Of Fried Bugles

Crispy texture

Frying bugles can give them a crispy and crunchy texture, which some people may prefer over the softer texture of non-fried bugles.

Enhanced flavor

Frying bugles can enhance their flavor by giving them a slightly caramelized and savory taste. This can be particularly appealing for those who enjoy savory snacks.


Fried bugles can be a versatile snack that can be enjoyed on their own or as a component in other dishes. For example, they can be crushed and used as a crunchy topping for salads or soups.


Fried bugles are a relatively portable snack that can be easily packed and taken on-the-go. They also have a relatively long shelf life, which can make them a convenient snack to have on hand.

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