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Do You Know The Production Process Of Nutritional Rice? 


The pace of life is accelerating, and people’s quality of life is becoming higher and higher with social progress. Traditional rice can no longer meet the nutritional pursuit of modern people’s lives. Shandong Loyal Industrial company aims at the large loss of rice in the traditional rice milling process. It has developed a special production line for making nutritious rice. Rice and its by-products can be made into highly value-added products through the extrusion process. In this process, broken rice and rice bran can be reused. The whole production process is simple and easy to operate: the broken rice is crushed and mixed with a certain amount of water, oil, etc., at a certain temperature, the raw materials are matured in the extruder, and then extruded by the die to form a rice shape. Finally, the reconstituted rice grains are dried at low temperature. This extrusion technology effectively avoids the loss of nutrients, and thus becomes nutrient-rich fortified rice. 


How to use and maintain the nutritional rice production line:


1. Do a detailed inspection before starting up to see if the fastening parts are loose. Check whether the power cord is damaged. Whether there are foreign objects in all its machines. Check whether the used voltage meets the requirements. 


2. Turn on the machine after putting the machine stable. After the machine runs safely for one minute, shut it down and put in the required mixed seasoning ingredients. 


3. After working for a period of time, depending on whether the product meets the requirements, the product will be mass-produced. 


4. Send professional maintenance personnel to carry out daily maintenance on the nutritional rice production line and check the bolts of each fastener. If there is any looseness, please tighten it so that it can be finished every day. 


5. The production line has been in use for about 6 months, please add new lubricant to the maintenance area. 


6. All machines in this production line must be grounded before use! 



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