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Deep-Fried Snacks Food Manufacturing Process

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Deep-fried snacks food manufacturing process can produce wheat flour snacks, french fries, crispy corners, and bugle bites. By changing the die of the snack food processing machine, a variety of shapes can be produced. The more complex three-dimensional three-dimensional crispy angles, small fish, and other products need to be equipped with special shaping and cutting equipment for puffing and frying. Fried puff snacks manufacturing plant can be achieved by replacing the cutting tool grinding tool Engraving cut off of different shapes.

Deep-fried puffed food making process flow:

Raw material mixing-extrusion-Shaping cutting-fried deoiling-seasoning

Deep-Fried Snacks Food Manufacturing Process



mix all kinds of raw materials through a certain proportion, add a certain proportion of water and mix well



the raw material is raised to the required height through the screw in the pipeline


Twin-screw extruder

Extrusion of food by screw extruding products required at the production site


Shaping Cutter

The puffed product blank is manufactured by the plastic cutting machine to produce the required shape


Frying machine

The taste of the product is improved by frying to achieve a crispy effect.


Seasoning machine

The hoist lifts the finished product after frying and flicking, but the colleagues in the drum sprinkle the flour

Single drum: The drum rotates continuously to mix the product and seasoning in the drum evenly


Packing machine

According to customer needs, choose different types of packaging machines to separate the products into bulk packages.

Miao Crispy Horn, Pasta Fries, Crispy Jinguo, Jiangmi Noodles, Beef Rolls and other shapes

Fried Bugles Bites Working Process

Fried bugle snacks manufacturing project report 

  1. Mixer can mix flour, corn flour, rice flour etc, it is the first Step of food processing, drive by a motor, mainly using for mixing raw materials, water and additives. Raw materials mixed fast, evenly.
  2. Conveyor: transporting mixed raw materials into the Extruder. The entire elevator is all made by stainless steel, Easy to operate, shift time can be adjusted, also it is full automatically.
  3. Twin screw extruder

The twin-screw extruder is mainly composed of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system, lubrication system and control system.

The extrusion system, drive system and rotary cutting system all adopt cross-frequency speed regulation, with strong power and stable operation.

Automatic lubrication and forced cooling ensure the safe operation of the extruder.

For different raw materials, choose single or twin screw feeding system. The feeding is uniform, stable and reliable.

The screw is processed by a special process, which is wear-resistant and fatigue-resistant and has a long service life.

Different screw length, diameter ratio and structure meet different process requirements.

  1. Cutting and shaping machine: The cutting machine divides the long products into standard length products, and the automatic feeding device at the front of the cutting machine arranges multiple long bars in a row. Knife cutting, cutting speed and traction speed are controlled by frequency conversion. Product compaction thickness is adjustable.
  2. Cooling conveyor: belt conveyor is used as the continuous operation conveyor of the production line, using food-grade pvc belt, stainless steel frame welding, hygienic and easy to clean.
  3. Deep-fried machine: The deep-fried puffed small foods need to have better product shaping traits when puffed, and the water content is larger. After being formed by the snacks making machine, they are directly fried and dehydrated in the commercial fryer to make the product crispy. The frying equipment includes semi-automatic industrial deep fryer, tunnel type, continuous frying machine, double-layer belt tunnel industrial fryer (pre-sinking after floating food). The deoiler has single barrel deoiler and double barrel deoiler. Meet the needs of semi-automatic and automated continuous fried daugn snacks production. The automatic frying equipment process line is suitable capacity100-300 kg. You can set the frying material weight, frying time, and deoiling time. It can be operated continuously online or manually. The semi-automatic fryer has an oil capacity of about 400 liters. It can be equipped with gas heating and electric heating. It can be connected to a fine filter machine and oil storage tank equipment.
  4. The automatic octagonal seasoning machine sprinkles the surface of the product with fragrance and different flavors. At the same time, it can spray the surface (syrup or seasoning slurry) on the surface. The automatic octagonal seasoning machine has double-headed and four-headed octagonal barrels. The standard seasoning machine and multi-head octagonal seasoning machine achieve the quantitative addition of seasoning and the uniformity of seasoning mixing. Changing the seasoning of different taste products can achieve precise addition. This model is controlled by touch screen PLC, and the program runs stably.
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