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Components of crisp chips production line



Crispy chips is a fried or puffed food. It is made from rice, millet, soya beans and corn flour, etc. It has the advantage of promoting bowel movement but should not be eaten regularly by people with weak stomachs.This process line uses double screw extruding technique to replace the traditional steam boiling process. It includes mixing, extruding, shaping, frying and flavoring process, no needing boiler, with simple process, high efficiency and lttlepollution. The raw materials can be rice powder, corn powder, wheat flour individually or their mixture. Only by changingthe moulds, shaping or cutting machine, the shapes can be various, like sticks, square sheet rib chips, diamond chips, wavychips, pillow shapes and bugles etc. The taste is savory and not greasy.

The Production Line Details


120-150KG/h;200-250KG/h; 3000-400Kg/h; 300-500KG/h;800-1000KG/h

Electricity supply

Customized according to your local electricity situation.

Machine details

1. Stainless steel,:201, 304, 316, on request.

2. Electrical components can be ABB, Delta, Fuji, Siemens; famous brands.



Raw material

Corn flour, vegetable oil, water, salt and other chemical additives

Product colour

Brown, yellow

Flow Chart of crisp chips production line:

  1. Mixxer---2. Screw Conveyor---3. Double screw extruder---4. Pulling and cutting machine--5. Aotomatic weighing hopper---6. Tumbler fryer---7. Hoister---8. Multi-drums seasoning machine---9. Cooling machine

Flow Chart Diagram:

Feature Of crisp chips production line:

1.High degree of automation: It has a very high degree of automation, which can well meet the needs of customers and fully meet the needs of various enterprises.

2.Large output: It can realize multiple batch processing, thus avoiding problems such as equipment downtime and long downtime due to different batches. The output of the equipment is large, thus ensuring the production efficiency and quality. At the same time, the production speed of the equipment is fast, and the output can be adjusted at any time according to the output needs of different users.

3.Low energy consumption: It can effectively reduce the utilization rate of energy and achieve the purpose of saving costs.

4.Sanitation and cleaning: The equipment adopts a new type of dust removal equipment, which can well avoid dust pollution to the surrounding environment and ensure environmental hygiene. In the process of processing, a certain amount of dust will be generated. If the dust is not effectively removed, the dust will cause harm to the health of the workers.

5.Easy to operate: The device is easy to operate and easy to use, whether it is a small-scale enterprise or a large-scale enterprise, it can be easily used.

The above are the characteristics of the bread crumb production line. This equipment has the advantages of large output, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and can meet the needs of various customers.

The Function Of crisp chips production line:

1.Flour Mixer: Mixer makes the raw material adding to water and other chemical additive fully mixed.The mixing process ensures that the ingredients are evenly distributed and forms a dough that is pliable and easy to work with.

2.Screw Conveyor: Screw conveyor can not only convey on the level but also by any angel these materials can be conveyed in the stainless steel roller without leaking, dust pollution; meanwhile it can send the self-mixer to the feeding machine or the conditioner and directly send the discharge hole of the inflating extruder.

3.Twin Screw Extruder: The material is cooked and expanded in the high temperature and pressure environment of the extruder. The control system of the extruder, the feeding system and the rotary cutting system are all frequency-controlled, which has the advantage of being more energy-efficient and of making the material more homogeneous. The feed system is located next to the screw conveyor and the feed opening is also equipped with a stirring shaft, so that the material enters the extruder more evenly.

4.Pulling and cutting machineAfter extrusion, the dough is cut into individual doritos corn chips and shaped using special molds. The molds create the distinctive ridges on the surface of the chips, provide additional texture and help the doritos corn chips to hold onto more seasoning.

5.Aotomatic weighing hopperPrecise delivery of materials to the fryer

6.Tumbler fryerThe fryer will make the material crispier and this will make the food more flavourful.

7.Hoister:Transport of materials to the flavouring drums

8.Multi-drums seasoning machine: The seasoning barrel allows the material to be dipped more evenly in the seasoning for a more delicious taste.

9.Cooling machine: By means of the cooler, the material can be chilled down quickly to facilitate the next step in the process.

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