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Cold Pressed Pet Food Making Machine


Cold Pressed Pet Food Making Machine

The Cold pressed pet food making machine from Shandong Loyal Industrial Co., Ltd. can take fresh meat and meat pulp, frozen meat, chicken, duck, fish, animal offal, meat meal, bone meal and micronutrients as raw materials. After cold pressing, molding, drying and other processes, cold-pressed cat food and dog food are made. The final feed is grain free, nutritious, versatile, beautiful, digestible, and loved by your pets.The cold pressed pet food making machine is made of stainless steel, which is easy to operate, safe and convenient, and can produce cat food and dog food in different shapes.

Function Of Large Capacity Cold Pressed Pet Food Production Line

  1. Raw Material Storage: meat, vegetables, fruits, grains and other raw materials are stored in designated containers.
  2. Grinder: The raw material is passed through the grinder to break it into smaller pieces.
  3. Blender: Mix the ground raw materials together in the correct proportion to form a homogeneous mixture.
  4. Pressure Chamber: Put the mixed raw materials into the pressure chamber, and compress it into a tight dough in the pressure chamber.
  5. Temperature Control: The temperature is closely monitored and controlled to ensure that the dough is not too hot during processing.
  6. Cutting And Shaping: After the dough is formed, it is cut and shaped to the desired size and shape.
  7. Drying And Cooling: The shaped pet food is then dried and cooled to remove any residual moisture.
  8. Packaging: Pet food is packaged in bags or containers for sale.

Overall, the cold pressed pet food production line is designed to produce high-quality, nutritious pet food through low-temperature and high-pressure processes, thereby preserving the nutrition and flavor of raw materials.

Advantages Of Large Capacity Cold Pressed Pet Food Making Machine

Improve Efficiency

With a large capacity machine, you can produce a larger quantity of cold-pressed pet food in a shorter time. This makes the manufacturing process more efficient and cost-effective.

Consistent Quality

Large capacity machines can produce consistent quality pet food, ensuring that each batch is of the same high standard. This is very important to maintain customer satisfaction and trust.

Customizable Formula

The large-capacity machine can produce cold-pressed pet food of various formulas. This means you can cater for the specific dietary requirements of different pets, including those with allergies or sensitivities to certain ingredients.

High Nutritional Value

Cold-pressed pet food made by a large-capacity machine retains more nutritional value compared with traditional extruded pet food due to the lower cooking temperature used. This means pets can benefit from a more balanced and complete diet.

Longer Shelf Life

 Large-capacity machine cold-pressed pet food has a longer shelf life than traditional extruded pet food. This is because the cold pressing process reduces the risk of bacterial growth and food spoilage.

What Is Cold Pressed Pet Food

Cold-pressed pet food is a dry pet food made with a unique production process. Unlike traditional extruded kibble, cold-pressed pet food is made using a low-temperature, high-pressure method that helps preserve the nutritional value and flavor of the ingredients.

During production, raw materials are first mixed together in the correct proportions and then subjected to high pressure and low temperature. This process creates a dense, compressed food that is nutrient dense and rich in natural flavors and aromas.

Another benefit of cold-pressed pet food is that it is easier to digest than traditional kibble. This is because the manufacturing process helps break down the ingredients into small, easily digestible pieces, making it easier for pets to absorb the nutrients in the food.

Overall, cold-pressed pet food is a high-quality, nutritious option for pet owners looking to provide their pets with a healthy, balanced diet.

Cold Pressed Dog Food Brands

Guru Pet Food

This UK-based company offers organic cold-pressed dog food made with high-quality ingredients such as free-range chicken, whole brown rice, and salmon oil.

Farmer's Wet Nose

This cold pressed dog food is made in Germany. It is free from artificial additives, preservatives and GMOs and comes in a highly digestible formula.

Markus Mühle

A German company that makes premium dog food made with whole grains and fresh meat.

Green Petfood

Based in Germany, this brand offers cold-pressed dog food made with traditional German recipes and high-quality ingredients.


A UK-based company that offers grain-free and gluten-free cold-pressed dog food made from fresh meat, vegetables and fruit.

Note that these are just a few examples and there are many other cold-pressed dog food brands to choose from. It is always important to read the ingredient list and nutritional information to ensure a balanced diet for your pet.

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