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Case study of Doritos Chips Making Machine from Nigeria


Doritos Chips Making Machine is developed on the basis of absorbing the essence of similar equipment and integrating the advantages of similar equipment. In addition, the technology of the entire Doritos Chips extruder has been greatly improved based on previous customer feedback, and now the equipment is well received by customers. In recent days, several customers in Nigeria have come to our factory to conduct a survey of our equipment.

Equipment diagram display

This Doritos Chips production line uses corn starch, corn starch, potato starch, tapioca starch, wheat flour and other high starch content raw materials. It can be used to produce a variety of granular food snack foods, such as bugles, screws, shells, 2D chips , 3D granules, cakes, tortillas and Doritos etc. It has a wide range of uses and is an ideal equipment for food processing plants, which can bring extremely high economic benefits.

The main features of Doritos Chips Making Machine:

1) The motor and gearbox of Doritos Chips extrusion equipment are directly driven to reduce energy consumption.
2) The feeding, main driving device and rotary cutting device all adopt frequency converter to adjust the speed, which has large driving force, stable operation and low consumption.
3) The screws are made of alloy steel with long service life. Screws assembled in sections are suitable for a wider variety of materials and products
4) Automatic lubrication system can reduce power consumption and extend service life.
5) The double screws of Doritos Chips manufacturing equipment are forced to feed equal materials.
6) Doritos Chips Maker's hanging mold tool holder and bearing tool adjustment system can adjust the tool accurately and quickly.

Product sample

After the food produced by Doritos Chips production line is deep-fried and seasoned, the final snack will become crispy and delicious. It is loved by consumers and is suitable for all ages. In the composite molding process, the product will reduce some waste edges, but it can be ground into powder for reuse, and filled with raw materials in a certain proportion, so that it can be reused. Therefore, the Doritos Chips Making Machine can minimize production costs.
Several customers from Nigeria came to our factory and expressed their satisfaction after visiting our equipment. They initially purchased two Doritos Chips Making Machines. If the results are good, they will repurchase our equipment. We also provide thoughtful Service, so that every customer can come with hope and return full of joy.

Nigeria customers visit

Our factory has always been a professional manufacturer and leader of advanced and efficient food extrusion machinery in this field in the world. Our main products are snack machines, nutritional rice machines, soy protein machines, pelletizers, etc. After years of exploration and research, our extrusion technology has been widely used to produce the following products: snack foods, cereal breakfast foods and corn flakes, fried flour foods, pellets, bread crumbs, soy protein and vegetarian meat, and pet foods Wait.

We have more than 20 production lines to choose from, and we can also provide customized services for special requirements. According to customers' special requirements for products, we can equip different configuration lines. Please let us know your raw materials and target products, and then we will provide you with the most reasonable solution.

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