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Case of Russian customers visiting cat food extruder


Nowadays, more and more people are keen on keeping cats. Cats are a kind of animal that can bring warmth to people. For some people who wander around alone, cats are just like family members. The emergence of this phenomenon represents the growing demand for cat food. If we can produce more high-quality cat food, we can get a larger market share. At this time, a high-quality cat food extruder is very necessary.

We are a professional manufacturer of extruders for cat food. Our development over the years has given us an essential position in the industry. The performance of our products is superior, much equipment due to its excellent quality has been ordered by customers in many countries.

Not long ago, customers from Russia came to our factory for a field visit. They saw the broad development prospects of cat food. To expand production, they wanted to order 15 cat food extruders. Our professional and technical personnel introduced our cat food extruders to them in detail.

Cat food extruder

What are the advantages of cat food extruder?

1. Wear-resistant, long service life

The cat food extruder is made of high-quality materials and internationally famous accessories. After repeated tests, it will be carefully inspected before leaving the factory. There will be no damage. The equipment will be used for a very long time, significantly reducing the manufacturer's input cost.

2. Clean and sanitary

Unlike traditional equipment, the whole machine of cat food extrusion equipment is made of industrial-grade stainless steel. It is clean and sanitary. It can reach the standard for both the staff and the food safety problems, and the quality can be assured.

3. The environmental protection

The traditional production mode will cause waste gas, wastewater, and waste residue problems, which will significantly pollute the environment. However, the cat food extruder is environmentally friendly and pollution-free in the use process, which only consumes a small amount of electric energy, which can help manufacturers save costs.

4. High production efficiency

The extrusion equipment adopts the mechanized production mode. It only needs to set the program in advance to realize automatic production. After the machine is started, it can work continuously for 24 hours, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

5. Free up the workforce

The traditional equipment needs a large number of workers to operate. The extrusion machinery is very simple to use, one person can produce, the workload of workers is significantly reduced, and the labor cost of manufacturers is also reduced considerably.

Cat food extruder

To let Russian customers have a more comprehensive understanding of the cat food extruder, we introduced several different equipment models to them, and they were full of praise for our equipment.

Model of cat food extruder






Production capacity

140- 160Kg/h

240- 260Kg/h

500- 600Kg/h

1000- 1200Kg/h


1600 * 1800 * 2000mm

1800 * 2000 * 2200mm

2500 * 2600 * 3000mm

3000 * 3200 * 3500mm

Final product

Pet food; Dog food; Cat food; Fish feed

Mechanical materials

Stainless steel

Cat food

After some exchanges, we offered very favorable prices, and Russian customers also ordered 15 sets of cat food extruders and sandwich food extruders and snack food extruders. They said that if we can bring them a surprise of the machine, they will cooperate with us for a long time. We firmly believe that we will have longer-term cooperation because customers who have used our equipment are exceptionally recognized by our machine.

Confidence comes from strength, strength comes from quality. Our cat food extruder has a very excellent quality, which can satisfy all customers!

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