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Breadcrumbs Wrapped Chicken Steak, The Secret You Do Not Know!

The bread crumb machine uses a twin-screw extruder to produce bread crumbs, which changes the traditional bread crumb production process. The industrial bread crumb making machine is another innovative application of twin-screw extrusion technology.

Chicken chop is a kind of fried food that is very popular in snack bars now, and the fragrance can be described as ten miles of fragrance. It is off-white with small dough like "crumbs" on it. Inside is a piece of chicken breast, which must be selected from the finest starch to combine the breast meat and the noodles with each other, and then pass pure soybean oil to turn it into a "row"-like chicken breast. Barbecue on an iron plate and cook in about 5 minutes. Then, pass the oil from Chaotian pepper and the hot sauce made from Fengning sauce, supplemented with condiments, etc., and it will become tender on the outside and tender on the inside. Pie chicken chops.

bread crumb

"Breadcrumbs" is the breadcrumbs in technical terms. Those who love chicken chops, did you think of how these delicious and beautiful “bread crumbs” are made while chewing on the crispy chicken chops?

bread crumb production line The bread crumb machine uses a twin-screw extruder to produce bread crumbs, which changes the traditional bread crumb production process. The industrial bread crumb making machine is another innovative application of twin-screw extrusion technology. The commercial bread crumb machine is a set of fully automatic production line, from raw material mixing, conveying, steaming and cooking, forming, to drying all production lines. In addition to flour, the available raw materials can also be rice flour, corn flour, corn starch, soybean flour, etc. The full automatic bread crumb production line can produce bread crumbs in various shapes, needle-shaped, granular, snowflake-shaped, flake-shaped, star-shaped or various shapes to meet the different needs of customers.

bread crumb extruderThe main equipment of the bread crumbs machinery, the twin-screw extruder, can complete the traditional electrode breadcrumb raw material mixing, dough mixing and grouping processes. Compared with traditional bread crumbs production technology, it has fewer production personnel, short production process, high unit output, energy saving and high efficiency, and reduced production costs. The new bread crumbs making equipment is simple, small footprint and easy to operate. No waste, no sewage or waste gas generation, environmental protection and no pollution. It uses a wide range of raw materials, it is easy to change product varieties and shapes, and the products are more diverse. Bread crumbs are a widely used food additive, used to coat the surface of fried food, such as: fried chicken legs, chicken wings, fish steaks, seafood (shrimp), western steaks, onion rings, etc. The fried food can be golden in color and attractive, crisp on the outside, tender on the inside, crispy and delicious, and rich in flavors.



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