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Black Soldier Fly Drying Microwave Oven


Description Of Black Soldier Fly Drying Oven

The black water fly drying oven is an industrial equipment used to dry and sterilize black water fly larvae. Larvae are commonly used in animal feed and as a sustainable food source for humans. The drying process involves removing moisture from the larvae to prevent spoilage and reduce the risk of contamination. Ovens use heat and airflow to achieve this. It usually has multiple shelves or trays in which the larvae are placed, and a fan blows hot air across the trays to dry the larvae evenly. Oven temperature and airflow settings may vary depending on the specific requirements of the application. Some models feature digital control panels that allow precise monitoring and adjustment of temperature and airflow settings. Overall, the Black Soldier Fly Drying Oven is an important tool for processing black water fly larvae for various uses in the agriculture and food industries.

How To Dry The Black Soldier Fly

  1. Harvest Larvae: Harvest larvae from the vivarium. Collect them using a mesh strainer or any other suitable means.
  2. Rinse The Larvae: Place the larvae under running water to wash and remove any remaining food debris.
  3. Sprinkle Larvae: Spread the larvae evenly on the drying rack or tray. Depending on the number of larvae, you can have multiple layers of trays.
  4. Place In The Oven: After unfolding the larvae on the tray, place them in the black sailor fly oven.
  5. Set The Temperature: set the temperature according to the manufacturer's suggestion. A typical temperature range might be between 35°C and 40°C.
  6. Set The Timer: Set the timer according to your preference. Drying time depends on the number of larvae and the desired moisture level.
  7. Check Moisture: After the drying process is complete, check the moisture content. The larvae should be crisp and there should be no sign of moisture. If the larvae are still wet, return them to the drying cabinet for further drying.
  8. Storage Of Sun-Dried Larvae: put the sun-dried larvae into an airtight container and store in a cool and dry place away from light.

Tip: Avoid overheating the larvae as it may destroy nutrients and alter larval quality.

Advantages Of Microwave Drying


Compared with traditional drying methods, microwave drying is a fast drying method. It can reduce drying time by up to 90%.

Energy Saving

Microwave drying requires less energy than traditional drying methods, making it a more sustainable option.

Uniform Drying

Microwave drying ensures uniform drying of the dried material. This is because the microwaves penetrate deep into the material, ensuring that the entire material is exposed to the same drying conditions.

Improve Product Quality

Microwave drying does not require high temperature and extreme moisture, and will not damage the quality and nutritional value of the product. This method ensures that the product dries evenly, retains its nutritional content, and has a longer shelf life.

Reduce Labor Costs

Microwave drying is an automated process, which means it requires less labor and supervision, which reduces labor costs.


Microwave drying does not require large drying facilities or equipment, so it is very space-saving and very suitable for small-scale operations.


Microwave drying can be used to dry a wide variety of materials, including food, herbs, wood, and textiles, making it a versatile method for drying different types of products.

Advantages Of Black Soldier Fly Drying Oven

Increased Shelf Life

Drying black soldier fly larvae in an oven reduces the moisture content, making them less prone to spoilage and increasing their shelf life.


Preservation Of Nutrients

Oven drying at low temperatures helps to preserve the nutrient content of the larvae, such as protein and fat, making them a valuable source of animal feed.



Risk Of Contamination

Drying the larvae in an oven reduces the risk of contamination by bacteria and other harmful microorganisms that can thrive in moist environments.

Increased Convenience

Drying black soldier fly larvae in an oven is a convenient way to preserve them for later use, particularly for farmers and feed producers who need a reliable and consistent supply of high-quality protein for animal feed.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Black soldier fly larvae have been shown to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sources of animal feed such as fish meal and soybean meal. By using a black soldier fly drying oven, the larvae can be preserved for longer periods, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable food system.

Black Soldier Fly Product Display

  1. Protein Powder: Black waterfly larvae are rich in protein and can be processed into protein powder, which can be used as feed material for livestock, poultry and fish.
  2. Biological Fertilizer: black soldier fly larvae can be made into biological fertilizer, which is rich in organic matter and nutrients beneficial to plant growth.
  3. Animal Feed: Dried black water fly larvae can be mixed with other feed materials to make high-protein animal feed.
  4. Sustainable Waste Management: Black soldier fly larvae can be used to compost organic waste, reducing the amount of waste while producing a valuable product.
  5. Pet Food: black soldier fly larvae can be processed into nutritious and sustainable pet food raw materials.
  6. Human Food: Black soldier fly larvae are rich in protein and other essential nutrients, and are also a potential source of protein for human consumption in the future.
  7. Pharmaceutical Products: Black soldier fly larvae are being studied for their potential in the production of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products.

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