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Black Soldier Drying Microwave Oven


1.Description Of Black Soldier Drying Microwave Oven

Industrial Microwave Grasshopper Locust Edible Insects Drying and Dehydration Machine is used for drying insect by microwave, such as grasshopper,locust, earthworm, yellow mealworm , black soldier fly larva ,Centipede, scorpion and so on which has many outstanding advantages over conventional methods:such as greatly shortened processing time,easy conrol ,straight insect ,high degree of expansion ,maintain color and freshness ,low loss of water and nutrients ,low bacteria content ,high treatment efficiency ,low cost , low energy consumption, small floor space ,improving working conditions and environmental sanitation.

Flexible operation,uniform temperation,good expansion ,high automation ,programmable control ,24 hours of continuous operation.

Black Soldier Insect Microwave Drying Sterilization Machine uses microwave drying to treat Black Soldier. Microwave dryers are widely used in fields such as Black Soldier and silkworm drying. The microwave drying technology is mature and gradually replaces traditional drying equipment. It is the preferred machine for modern enterprises. . In addition, the microwave dryer also has a sterilization function. Therefore, it can fully meet the deep processing requirements of Black Soldier.

2.Parameters Of Black Soldier Drying Microwave Oven

Maggots Conveyor Belt Microwave Tunnel Dryer Equipment Parameters

Equipment Model

DH-Microwave Drying Equipment

DH-Microwave Drying Equipment

Rated Input Apparent Power



Height of conveyor



Inlet and outlet height



Width of conveyor belt



Microwave leakage standard



Operating frequency



Transmission speed

0~10m/min(Adjustable frequency)

0~10m/min(Adjustable frequency)

3.Details Of Black Soldier Drying Microwave Oven

Dried Black Soldier will last a very long time if stored without air circulation. Live Black Soldier will last many months; however, you need to keep them cool. Warm Black Soldier will mature quickly into pupae and then beetles. Keep them at around 40 degrees.

4.Advantages Of Black Soldier Drying Microwave Oven


The drying speed is fast, the aroma of the product is strong, uniform, and the color is bright.

Selective heating.


The direction of water vapor in drying and dehydration is from the inside to the outside,

so the Tenebrio molitor microwave dryer has a puffing effect, which is more helpful for the

subsequent crushing.


Low-carbon environmental protection machinery and equipment, environmental protection,

energy saving and high efficiency.


Conducive to control, excellent processing technology.


The Tenebrio molitor drying and sterilizing machine is used for low-temperature sterilization to

ensure nutrients and traditional flavors.


Microwave Tenebrio sterilization and drying equipment has a small footprint,

energy saving and environmental protection.

5.Indicators Of Black Soldier Drying Microwave Oven

Indicators Of Maggots Conveyor Belt Microwave Tunnel Dryer


If the puffing degree does not meet the requirements, the dried Black Soldier cannot even meet the basic requirements of the
outlet, and the ideal puffing degree requires the microwave cavity to have a high power density, which increases the difficulty of
design and improves the The parameter requirements for the components are specified.

Finished color

The Black Soldier from good microwave drying equipment should be yellow, or close to the color of the worm itself. The first
requirement for designers is to understand the industry and have rich design experience, so that the processing technology of
Black Soldier can be improved. organically integrated into the design.


Dryness is the last indicator, and its significance goes without saying.

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