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Bean Meat Machines Play a Big Role in the Food Processing Industry


Soy meat, also known as vegetarian meat, is a very popular vegetarian food that is enjoyed by many people. Because bean meat not only has the taste of meat and a similar tissue structure to animal meat, but also a high nutritional content, with even more protein than pork or beef, the market for bean meat is in very high demand.

As an experienced food manufacturer, we are aware of the potential of this industry, which is determined by the health needs of consumers. So after going on site visits to a number of companiesso, we have decided to expand our market by using the Soya Meat Making Machine to improve our production process after visiting several companies.

The advantages of the bean meat machine are very obvious:

1. The bean meat machine consists of a combination of a variety of equipment, each equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel, reliable quality, sturdy and durable, not easy to damage, long use time.

2. Simple operation, easy maintenance, low production and maintenance costs.

3. Fully automatic production method, with very high production efficiency.

4. The whole production line has a compact structure and occupies a small area, which can effectively save space.

5. Can process and produce a variety of shapes of bean meat, with a wide range of applications.

The bean meat machine has many advantages and can meet our production needs in many ways. It has a very high cost performance ratio and is a very well recognised piece of equipment, which also has a very high reputation in the industry and has gained the approval of many food processing plants.

The bean meat machine is a combination of mixer, screw conveyor, twin-screw extruder, air conveyor, dryer and packaging machine, which can automate all the processes from ingredients to packaging, without unnecessary human intervention during the production process, which not only ensures the production efficiency of the food, but also the hygienic quality of the food.

The production process of the bean meat machine:

1. Firstly, the ingredients are blended in a blender according to the recipe for vegetarian meat, and then mixed with the right amount of water.

2. The blended ingredients are transferred to an extruder, where they are cooked and formed into a fibrous structure and finally extruded.

3. The extruded bean meat is dried in a dryer, where it has a richer taste and a longer shelf life.

4. The temperature of the bean meat is high and it is easy to return to moisture after packaging, so it needs to be cooled in the cooling machine so that the temperature of the bean meat can be reduced to room temperature.

5. The final step is to use the packaging machine for packaging.

Using the above production process, the bean meat machine can produce a wide variety of soy protein food products, including round bean meat, long bean meat, square bean meat, vegetarian meat snacks and various other bean food products, with a wide range of applications, and the bean meat produced is generally welcomed by consumers.

The Soya Meat Making Machine is a very useful machine in the food processing industry, not only for a wide range of uses, but also for its excellent performance and value for money, with a quick payback in just three months.

In the modern food processing industry, efficiency is always the first factor in expanding the market, I believe that with the help of this equipment, our company will develop better and better, but also look forward to the manufacturer can provide us with more superior performance equipment!

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