Automatic Herbal Drying Sterilization Continuous Microwave Oven Herbal Extract Continuous Vacuum Belt Dryer

Herbal sterilization continuous microwave dryer, microwave insecticidal tunnel furnace microwave is an electromagnetic wave with a very short wavelength. It belongs to electromagnetic waves like radio waves, infrared rays and visible light. The frequency range of microwaves is from 300mhz to 300kmhz, that is, the wavelength is from 11 meter range. Herbal sterilization continuous microwave dryer is the first choice for industrial production and batch production equipment

Place of Origin Shandong China
Model Number herbal continuous microwave dryer Machine
Min.Order Quantity 1 sets continuous microwave dryer equipment
Price Contact Us
Packaging Details Wooden case or wooden pellets depended on clients' require

Product Details

TeamProfessional microwave technology team
ProcessTen years of microwave equipment manufacturing process
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Phone +86 18905316466
Fax +86 18905316466
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