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Australian Customer Vegetable Brush Washer Machine Case


Vegetables are a necessity in our daily lives. Eating more vegetables is good for health. For many food processing plants, washing vegetables is a necessary procedure. The emergence of the Vegetable Brush Washer Machine solves the problem of washing vegetables and brings great convenience to major enterprises. Nowadays, Washing machine has been widely used in the food processing industry to solve the cleaning problem of vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc., and is very popular with customers.

Vegetable washing machine

As shown in the picture, it is the Vegetable Brush Washer Machine of our factory. It is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of stable operation, long service life and conforming to the national food industry standard. Not long ago, several Australian customers visited our factory. They have been engaged in the food processing industry for many years and are large-scale food processing manufacturers. This time, they want to buy a washing machine to better promote the development of the enterprise.

Advantages of Vegetable Brush Washer Machine:

1. The vegetable washing machine is equipped with a circulating water pump and a filter tank to realize the recycling of washing water and save water. According to the actual production situation, replace with new water.
2. The conveyor belt of this machine can be adjusted with variable speed function. The cleaned food is conveyed through the net chain, automatic feeding and automatic unloading. The conveying speed of the conveyor belt is adjusted according to production needs.
3. The vegetable washing production line is equipped with a spray device to spray the product to reduce secondary pollution in the next process after cleaning during transportation.
4. Vegetable cleaning equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, so it is clean and hygienic. The waste collection board can also be installed at the bottom of the machine to prevent contamination of the ground or floor.
5. Large capacity, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous work, simple operation, long service life, the brush is made of nylon processed by special technology, and has good wear resistance.

Product sample

The fruit and vegetable washing machine is specially designed for various shapes of fruits and vegetables. Bubbles and water pressure spray can wash the materials to avoid collisions. The materials are immersed in water and fully stirred by a powerful blower to remove dust and foreign matter. The materials are densely packed by high-pressure water. Efficient and continuous washing. This is an essential Vegetable Brush Washer Machine for fruit, vegetable or seafood processing. It is very popular in the market and has long-lasting performance. Our machines can ensure safe operation and low power consumption, and can provide various working specifications.

Customer visit

After the customer came to the factory, we visited the equipment of the factory together. Our main products are vegetable and fruit cutting machine, peeling washing machine, frying equipment, air dryer, steaming machine and so on. After some conversation, they bought three of our Vegetable Brush Washer Machines, and we also gave them a very big discount. The two sides reached an agreement and established a friendly cooperative relationship. We will walk in the forefront of the times and conspire together. development of!

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