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Application of Industrial Automatic Macaroni Pasta Machine



This Industrial Automatic Macaroni Pasta Machine adopts potato starch, potato powder and corn starch as main materials, to produce a variety of twice extrusion ones in different shapes, which are popular in the market, such as crisp pea, shell, screw, square tube, round tube, and wave. This line is characterized by unique technique, rational configuration, high automation and stable performance.

Introduction of Best Price Macaroni Pasta Processing Extruder

(1) Full automatic Industrial macaroni pasta making machine production line can use wheat flour as main material to make differient shapes pasta, like tube, elbow, screw, shell etc. Equipment configuration is perfect, advanced production technology; good quality products, simple and reliable operation; is the ideal equipment to make macaroni.

(2) Our engineers are with 15-30 years experience in this field and studied in Italy before, with rich vacuum extruder technology and experience. The mould are imported from Italy.

(3) We have different capacities for you to choose, 15-30kg/h and 50-60kg/h for restaurant or home, 85-100kg/h, 160-220kg/h and 350-400kg/h for the factory.

Process Flow of Best Price Macaroni Pasta Processing Extruder Material mixing ------ Extrusion shaping ------ Pre-drying ------ Drying ------ Cooling&conveying ------ Packaging

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