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Application of Extrusion Technology in Food Processing(2)


Production process:

Raw material preparation → mixing → conveying → extrusion and expansion → cutting → seasoning → cooling → packaging

Fully Automatic Kurkure Making Machine

Device configuration:

Powder mixer → screw feeder → double screw extruder → compound cutter → semi-automatic fryer → double drum mixer → cooling conveyor → packaging machine

Fully Automatic Kurkure Making Machine advantages:

1. The Fully Automatic Kurkure Making Machine is perfect, the structure is compact, the design is novel, the performance is stable and reliable, from flour to finished products, it is completed automatically at one time, with high degree of automation.

2. It has the advantages of simple operation, moderate output, energy saving, small floor area, less investment and quick effect.

3. The extruder of pasta adopts screw extrusion technology, which is made by extruding various shapes of extrusion models, then frying and seasoning. It not only retains the good taste of hand-made pasta products which are crisp but not greasy, but also realizes the perfect innovation of raw materials and shapes.

Application of extrusion technology in food processing:

1. Snack food and leisure food

2. Breakfast cereal

3. Macaroni food

4. Instant powder infant food

5. Modified starch and modified grain powder

6. slice of bread

7. instant tea

8. Soybean tissue protein

9. Feed production

10. Candy and chocolate

With the improvement of people's living standard, the production of puffed food by puffing technology has a very broad prospect. Moreover, this technology also has an advantage that other technologies do not have, that is, the semi-finished products dried once by this technology can be stored for half a year, so the manufacturer can transport the semi-finished products to the destination for expansion processing, which can not only save investment, reduce production costs, but also enable consumers to get fresh and high-quality puffed food.

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